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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What type of gamer are you?


Here's choices what makes you?

Legendary 3 20.00%
Inventor 1 6.67%
Harcore 4 26.67%
Casual 7 46.67%

A couple of years ago pretty hardcore. Mostly online play. Spent way too much time on mmo's - grinded all the way to Rank 14 in Classic WoW (why? idk lol..), which I'll refrain myself from doing that again. And have largely given up on high ranks in Counter-Strike due to immense amount of cheaters in game. Now I play just for fun with friends without getting sweaty, though we like our competitive games.

But yeah nowadays very casual lol.

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Casual I suppose. I don't play online outside coop in Souls games. I play most everything and just enjoy games. I don't take it too seriously.

I'm a casual hardcore gamer.

I suppose casual because I tend to perform meh to awful in most online multiplayer games.

Intermediate to hardcore for single-player games. I used to play on normal the majority of the time, but in the past 2 or so years I've mostly said screw it. I tend to play on easy or very easy modes if they're available.

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Non of the above.

I like playing games and finishing them and moving onto the next.

I don't care much for MP. It is rare that a MP game clicks with me. The last one was Monster Hunter World, before that it was Destiny 1, before that it was KZ SF.

I prefer games like Street Fighter, Tekken, FIFA etc played locally not online and with people I know.

I love soul games but dislike paying games on harder difficulties.

I love a good story, I love well made world's and characters. If the game is good and less of a Gring I will try play it.

But I won't speedrun, collect everything and try get scoreboards.

Sony has been good in making games that are easier to play without having to sink your life and sanity into a game thankfully.

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Ka-pi96 said:
SegaHeart said:

K, I guess i'll say It's in Casual single player or Hardcore single player?

Neither of those really fit either. I'm not into min-maxing things so I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore player. Not casual either, I play too much for that and for some games I'm regularly giving advice to others or modding those games to my liking.

This could have been my description

A hardcore inventor. I love to put games to the test. From canoeing all the way around in RDR2

To finding weird places in a game and testing them out

To optimizing glitches for ridiculous speed

Or finding all the ways to die

Exploration and invention are the most fun parts of games, hence a game like Infinifactory is at the top of my list

And when possible, I'll be building. Just a little sign powered by a few hundred power generators lol

When a game says go this way, I go the other way first. When it wants me to kill something one way, I'll find another way.

Im classified as casual now as I generally will play on weekends or when I feel I have time to put in. that is just the way things go when you get older. When i was younger... hell yeah Id play hours a day after school but you get older and take on new 'adult' responsibilities, that changes things. I still play the hardcore games but on a casual basis.

This is from an old thread that had a link to a survey that shows your profile according to your answers here's mine.

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I was a hardcore gamer once. I was really good at Counter-Strike, Quake 3 and that kind of stuff. Played those games for hours each and every day.

But I got older and tbh I'm not that much into gaming anymore. Partly because I could never warm up to all that social gaming BS, partly because newer games bore the living crap out of me. As of today there is not a single title that I look forward to. Maybe The Elder Scrolls 6, although I'm doubtful that that game will release before my demise.

I'm also not in school anymore and work eats so much more time than that. Plus I have a wife and a kid, so there goes my leisure time. I also got into other hobbies. Right now I'm learning to play ukulele and enjoy that a lot more than gaming. When I find the time and the motivation to fire up a game, I do it on my shiny Steam Deck, but I just play old games on emulators. Right now I'm playing Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.

So with all that said, consider me a dirty casual.

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