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Forums - NSFW Discussion - Sex With A Zombie?


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Let this thread die please (no pun intended)


Would I have to tie her up, hold her down and go into the back door to avoid any necrotizing love bites? Love with a zombie sounds so complicated because I'd have to feel like a rapist instead of the Don Juan that I really am

Liberte89 said:

Which degenerate asks questions like this?

The real question is, which degenerates answer it?

No necrobumping for me, thanks, all living dead/undead are definitely off the list. Most of virus/fungi infected would require protection - and I mean full body armor and/or hazard suit. Still... if I was in the "lone survivor, likely to die" situation...

As for Harkness and consent, I'd rather go to other extreme, saying that (in some versions) zombies are not sentient beings, more comparable to plant than even simple insect. If they don't feel pain or have understanding or emotions - even hunger can be just instinct to survive and in their case multiply - then it'd be morally acceptable to have sex with them, aside certain disrespect to person that they once were.

I see this becoming more of a topic with the Fallout Tv show coming out and especially with ghouls.