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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best Switch Online Voice Chat Set Up

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If I play online on Switch with voice chat, I always use Discord on my phone. You could also use Skype.

I think I used the NSO app once for voice chat, but the sound quality was worse than Discord.

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It depends on the title, some of them have built-in voice chat like Fortnite, in that situation you can just use your Switch by plugging a headset into your Switch, be it in the headphone jack or with a audio usb dongle on the dock. I've used both and they work.

For some select Nintendo titles you have the NSO, but it's a hasstle to use.

I prefer to use a simple phone call, Whatsapp or Discord on my mobile together with a bone conduction bluetooth headset, then I can listen to both the in-game audio and voice chat at the same time.

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Appart from Splatoon and Smash. What other games would necessarily need one I wonder ?

Anywoo, for 3rd party apps you got Discord and Telegram you can use on another device in simul so it ain't difficult to set up something with your friends much

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Discord + a compatible device. Maybe the NSO app on a phone, but I've never tried it.

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