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Forums - Politics Discussion - Russia and Ukraine flashpoint

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BFR said:

Ryu, the Taurus are coming, the Taurus are coming!

Baerbock said that "Germany's support for Ukraine is based on the strong conviction that Ukraine will win the war." - Obviously, this contradicts the real official stance that Russia shall not win the war and "as long as it takes."

So what's going on here?

Baerbock is a woman. As such, her opinion when she speaks must usually be disregarded, because that's what her country does to her.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV will outsell Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I was wrong.

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BFR said:

US to supply Ukraine with weapons until Russia withdraws troops

"The United States will continue to supply Ukraine with weapons until Russia withdraws troops from its territory, according to the Deputy United States Permanent Representative to International Organizations Robert Wood.

According to Wood, the international community's participation in the Ukraine peace summit to be held in Switzerland is in line with the UN Security Council's goals of maintaining international peace and security.

He said, that until Russia stopped its attacks and withdrew its troops from Ukraine, the United States would provide Ukraine with everything necessary to defend its country."

That's nice to say but it won't be true if Trump wins the election.

BFR said:

Decent start but I don't trust an EU security pact to mean much, Moldova needs to be in NATO.

I heard Ivan Popov was a rare actually competent Russian commander and I do remember posting in here how he publicly criticised Russia/Shoigu/Gerasimov, he was popular and a major reason Ukrainians didn't breakthrough last Summer.

Continued Russian incompetence