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Forums - Sales Discussion - Resident Evil Village shipped 5.7 million by December 31st. Lifetime sales expectations?


Resident Evil Village shipped 5.7 million by December 31st. Lifetime sales expectations?

Less than 7 million 40 9.01%
7.0 - 7.9 million 93 20.95%
8.0 - 8.9 million 84 18.92%
9.0 - 9.9 million 63 14.19%
10.0 - 11.9 million 114 25.68%
12.0 - 13.9 million 23 5.18%
14.0 - 15.9 million 10 2.25%
16.0 - 17.9 million 2 0.45%
18.0 - 20.0 million 2 0.45%
More than 20 million 13 2.93%

The eighth installment of the Resident Evil series - or rather the tenth because Zero and Code Veronica belong into the same line - has shipped 5.7m units in less than nine months of availability. Because Resident Evil 7 biohazard managed to sell 1m+ copies in each fiscal year since its release, we can expect Village to sell well over time too.


Bonus question: If you've played Resident Evil Village, how good is it in comparison to other Resident Evil games?

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Not so sure that this will have the same legs as REVII, unless it gets its own gold edition.
With that said, I think it will fall a bit short of 10 million.

Unless Capcom start porting it to future gens like they are doing with RE4;5 and 6.

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How much did RE7 sell at this point after launch?

The last few mainline games have all ended up in a similar place:

And RE2 Remake will be joining them shortly at that level (RE3 Remake won't, but it's not mainline and it had a pretty mixed reception).


So 11+ million easily. Lifetime it's hard to say though, because it'll be ported to future gen consoles and will sell on PC for decades. All of those listed above still sell 0.5-1.5 million a year, for example, which is well over a decade since they released in some cases. Maybe 14 million final final final total?

I have to imagine the majority of those that planned to get it bought it at launch or bought it cheap around the holidays. Black Friday deals in America had it at $19.99 at quite a few stores. I'd imagine another few millions in sales.
bonus question. It's a fantastic game, great visuals, tough at times, great 3D audio especially in the first two castle/houses. Not too scary compared to other Resident Evils except for one section which is quite terrifying. Not my favorite in the series by any means, but a great entry. Now if they want to add a vr mode into the Playstation VR2 I'll rate it higher among the series greats.