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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - It's 2025, You are CEO of Microsoft Games...Go!


Emotional Reactions to this thread...

I shall let my creativity flow forth! 3 25.00%
I have 3 jobs, no thanks! 0 0%
I will report you because... 1 8.33%
You want me to put down my Switch? 1 8.33%
I have 10 RTX 3090's... hehehe 1 8.33%
Why isn't the game I LOVE THE MOST on here? 1 8.33%
Guys... 0 0%
what if Dulfite.... 1 8.33%
is secretly.... 1 8.33%
............Reggie....?! 3 25.00%
Dulfite said:
Kakadu18 said:

Oh that's a hard choice. Living in the world of Animal Crossing would mean I have unlimited time to pay off my mortgages. Very enticing. But I have to take the cash. And I also need to fire half the staff and then complain that I don't have the recources for more games. And I want a bonus every month for doing nothing.

*You choose $100 million annually. But you must roll the dice and see what else happens.

1 does nothing different.

2 makes you go back two steps.

3 forces you to gift $70 million annually to Jeff Bezos so he can continue going to space. He thanks you annually.

4 causes the $100 million annually to be paid in the form of fireworks. Every year, you get $100 million worth of fireworks delivered to your house.

5 does the same thing as 4, but every year someone lights one of the fireworks and you only have 10 seconds to figure out which one to put out... or else...

6 that money is spent making the final season of Game of Thrones 6 episodes longer, makes it so the night battle is actually visible, eliminates all sex scenes, and has Jon Snow going crazy alongside Daenerys and they rule all the kingdoms together, a crazed-in-love power couple focused on consuming the world.

*You roll a 4.

You have 10 seconds, what do you do next?

I need a huge warehouse to fit all of those fireworks. Then I'll sell them all and maybe I can turn a profit.

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In 2025 Blizzard will still be working on Diablo 4 obviously.

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VAMatt said:

I put all available studios on COD. I lobby Papa Phil to change the name of the company to CODSoft. Other products become Call of the Office, Callzure, CODing, Callype, and the like.

I guess Phil put never fired Bobby and instead made him CEO of all MS xD.

Bristow9091 said:
Dulfite said:

Ease up, enjoy the more amusing things, and if you REALLY think something needs to be addressed, then message me first rather than posting your clear anger in a thread the way you did.

There was no anger in my post, I worded it sternly as I generally do with these things, but I can assure you there was no anger... there are many things that make me angry, but a random thread on a gaming forum isn't one of them lol. Sorry if it came across that way. Also standard protocol with something like this is to post a thread warning letting you know what the issue is, I also feel it comes across as more transparent that way too.

TL;DR reports came in about your poll. I asked you to change it. You did (Although I'd have put it differently). Happy endings all around.

PS. About the "Too much moderation" thing, we have people with the complete opposite viewpoint here too, who think we don't do enough, it's just another part of the endless struggles of being a mod... we're too strict, we're too relaxed, we don't ban enough people, we ban too many people, we hate Microsoft fans, we hate Sony fans, we hate Nintendo fans, we always side with Microsoft fans, we always side with Sony fans, we always side with Nintendo fans, honestly every day it's like someone rolls a dice and whatever it ends up on, that's how people feel towards us lol. 

Fuck, i've been found out, backs away from the thread slowly, Nothing to see here people xD.

TruckOSaurus said:

In 2025 Blizzard will still be working on Diablo 4 obviously.

Exclusive to mobile!?

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Dulfite said:
TruckOSaurus said:

In 2025 Blizzard will still be working on Diablo 4 obviously.

Exclusive to mobile!?

Yep they'll merge the Diablo Immortal and Diablo 4 projects and call it Diablo-4-Mobile.

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Heavenly Sword is a Sony IP. Just saying :P

Ultr said:

Heavenly Sword is a Sony IP. Just saying :P

Thank you for clarifying! I will change that.

I hold off on COD for a few years, give new installments in classic Rare franchises in spirit of the originals, do the same to Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, and give fans of Blizzard games what they've been clamoring for.