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Forums - Sales Discussion - Can/Will Xbox Series outsell the Xbox 360 and becomes the best-selling Xbox?


Will Xbox Series become the best-selling Xbox to date?

Yes 21 30.00%
Maybe 25 35.71%
No 24 34.29%
BonfiresDown said:

Yes, and I feel more and more certain about it the more time passes. If a train wreck like the XB1 still managed to do 50M, even doubling that should be possible.

Yeah I'm even more certain now with them owning Actiblizz.

Actually I expect them to be neck and neck with Sony now at about 100M sold each.

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Norion said:

I highly doubt it since even getting close to that would require Wii level sales in the US and to enter the top 10 best selling of all time in Europe and with Sony doing well with the PS5 they're not gonna regain enough market share for that.

There's also factors like Xbox first party studios releasing all games on PC day 1 meaning PC gamers won't get one solely just to play exclusives and there not being a significant hardware defect issue resulting in a lot of people buying multiple who otherwise wouldn't.

I do think the Xbox Series will outsell the Xbox One and most likely do over 60m but would be quite surprised if it got to 80m let alone outsold the 360 since that would indicate the PS5 selling a similar amount to the PS3 due to how closely Playstation and Xbox consoles are linked sales wise and I don't see it declining that much compared to the PS4.

Well things sure changed fast. I still don't see it happening but can't rule it out entirely anymore and now expect it to surpass 70m lifetime and wouldn't be surprised much if it got to 80m. This massive development really could take a lot of market share away from Sony.

Call of duty exclusive... Yeah, it's gonna pass X360.

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The poll is very balanced so far.

15 Yes
20 Maybe
20 No

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

Thats a big flex they just did. Certainly bumps their reach a fair bit. But I still belive it wont reach the 360. Their tactics still havent changed. Also this deal is a ways off. We are talking 2023 to first see a COD on the hollidays. And blizzards game output is the slowest out of any company. Maybe not CD project red.

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Even with the recent purchase, I don't expect a big enough shift in Sony's base for the XSeX to even come much close from it. Like a 5-10 millions more maybe. Yet, it won't be enough to even claim to any sort of fame once it's done. No the ramification of Microsoft deals only like something that realize itself more once we're halfway or by the end of this generation. Maybe by then, the paradigm will have changed ... maybe

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I went with "Maybe" option as I still think that it will take way too much to really even come close to 360 numbers.
First of all, back then Sony literally handled a ton of advantage to Microsoft on their own. A lot of things were in favour of 360 - early launch, better pricing, better and easier to work on hardware, which also led to some developers working exclusively on 360 games at the time. There wasn't that much of negative legacy from Xbox generation either.
Second, as can be seen based on charts here, 360 surely started to decline already back in 2009 after it passed 40m mark. Kinect did a lot to boost sales further. If it wasn't for Kinect, I think 360 sales could have easily been at least 15m less than what we have now.

So, despite the fact that this is probably gonna be the gen where Xbox should theoretically have the best first party software lineup in it's history, I still think that Xbox Series will end up selling a decent amount less than 360 did. No huge advantage over PS5, still remaining negativity from Xbox One generation, games releasing also on PC, no Kinect-like miracle which will add 15m sales out of nowhere - all these facts go against such possibility to match 360 sales. But who knows?

I think we can expect LT sales around 60-70m at this point if Microsoft plays their cards right. And if they don't lose their way due to euphoria from such success, then maybe the gen after that would be the one where they can try to outdo 360.

P.S. I think some people in gaming community really overestimate the importance of ActiBlizz acquisition effect on console sales. The deal will be finalised only by mid-2023. And we probably won't see any exclusive content until late 2024, because they simply won't cancel games already in development for Playstation consoles. By late 2024, the gen will be practically done and most likely both PS5 and Xbox Series will pass their peaks anyway.


It's unlikely with a typical 7-8 year gen.

360 achieved its sales feat through PS3 having a terrible start, PS5 is having an amazing start and that isn't going to stop.
Gamepass being on PC will also dilute Xbox's hardware somewhat down the road where some would have been tempted to double dip or PC gamers who wouldn've invested in a console late in the gen to play exclusives.

I think it'll only pass the 360 if they have a 10 year generation, its possible that a mid-gen upgrade ready for when the systems are showing their age could be the key to double dipping... not the Series S as many are speculating. Of course this will be limited to the 20m or so enthusiasts who care about specs and having the best experience, but thats a big enough pool to push it over 360.

It's possible, but it'll be difficult. The 360 had a lot of good things going for it, including but not limited to a much better price and a better selection of exclusives for the early part of Gen 7. The main reason it was a near tie between Xbox and PS that gen was because the 360 absolutely dominated the PS3 in North America and the UK. While it narrowed the PS-Xbox gap in continental Europe, the PS3 still won there, and the 360 only one-sixth what the PS3 did in Japan.

I could definitely see the XBS selling well over 70M, though. The acquisitions of Bethesda and Activision are big deals, and now MS has a bunch of big-name IPs that will no longer be available on PlayStation. That definitely helps tilt things back into their favor. I could see the XBS ending this gen with a solid lead in North America, and the split in Europe narrowing again, but I don't think the final tally will be as close as it was in Gen 7.

So, I think we could see the XBS sell about 70-75M globally, and the PS5 around 95-100M.

That is unless some secondary markets really start to blow up and a lot of them end up favoring Xbox over PlayStation, but I doubt we'll see "rest of world" markets start to surge massively relative to the main three.


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If XBOX Series continue with the same speed and sales level it can outsell the 360 lifetime, however it will be difficult. It really depend on how long will the generation continue and how much of the PS portion xbox will eat. If this year the series sells 12-14m (as it looks likely for the sales it is showing till now) it can really peak at 15-18M in 2023 and 2024 and will really have very good chances of passing 360 lifetime.