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Forums - Gaming Discussion - A New South Park VIdeo Game is Currently in development at Question Games (ex Bioshock Devs)

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I haven't played a south park game since the original on the 64.
I've watched lets plays of them but never play them.

Watching someone that knows South park play the games shows they put a lot of work into them. But also a lot of references to the game. References I would get none of since I haven't watched the show in like 15 years.

Does anyone here play the games but not watch the show? I'm not sure how much enjoyment the "show" brings to the game.

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It should  an Action RPG like final fantasy 7 remake I miss this southpark from n64 era, Go to 2:54 mark of video , It's the difinite gameplay , but add RPG elements like stick of truth.

Here's another vid too much I crave this again.

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