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Can Shamans tank? The short and to the point answer is, yes. You might be rubbing your eyes in disbelief of this answer. Maybe conjuring a ten page manifesto about how only warriors can and should tank. Although, I can go on a long rant about how there are many other classes that can tank, today, I’ll be focusing on our totemic friend, the shaman.
The topic of viable and optimal is contentious as some don’t see the difference or mix them up and levy a misguided philosophy onto it. Optimal is the most efficient and foolproof solution that eliminates as many negative variables as possible and favors an easier path. Viable or often referred to as: possible, seen as the more challenging path but to many is a greater personal triumph. Shaman Tank is labelled as viable.

Many Shaman tanks agree their motivation is from the glory of seizing a feat the rest of the realm dares not try. If this resonates with you, please continue reading. You shaman tank if you want a challenge and a refreshing perspective from a 15 year old game. If it wasn’t obvious before, shield bearing is a sizable undertaking.

When experienced players Shaman tank and put in the effort, it shines tenfold. Shamans can fully tank 5mans, 10mans, off-tank & main-tank raids. But, this is reliant on personal and guild experience. Our overall defensive statistics won't reach a warrior’s. However, it isn’t necessary to do so, to tank.

Video: Shaman Tank Race Options - Video Explanation
You’ll be staring at your character for a long time. So, consider your character’s appearance as a key factor as it may entice you to play more. All races have benefits but they’re minor compared to other aspects. There is no wrong race. See Video to learn more about race options.

Video: Shaman Tank - Professions - Youtube
Engineering for:  Goblin Sapper Charge Masterwork Target Dummy Force Reactive Disk, etc... For the second profession go a high gold generating profession on your realm. Gold helps buy potions, ex: Flask of the Titans among other consumables.

Video: Shaman Tank - How to deal threat!?
We can increase threat in many ways, notably:  Earth Shock Stormstrike Rockbiter Weapon &  Lightning Shield. Install a threat tracking addon, ex: ThreatClassic2. Consumable items deal threat, ex:  Major Rejuvenation Potion based on half of the Health & Mana gained. Damage items, ex: Goblin Sapper Charge deals threat equal to the damage so do reflective Buffs, ex:  Thorns. Lastly, certain items ex: Gift of Arthas deal threat each time their Debuff is triggered, (see Threat List).

Allies can reduce their threat, through items, ex:  Fetish of the Sand Reaver. Mage have:  Burning Soul. Shaman:  Tranquil Air Totem. Rogue and Hunter wipe threat with  Vanish &  Feign Death and so can  Flask of Petrification. Items prevent aggro:  Limited Invulnerability Potion & redirect aggro Masterwork Target Dummy (taunts the mob). Classes in the 30-40 yard range won’t get aggro t'ill they surpass the threat level of the mob’s current target by 30%, as opposed to 10% for melee classes. (See More)

Video: Shaman Tank - Totems - Youtube
Totems can't deal threat for you. Common totems:  Grace of Air Totem Stoneskin Totem &  Healing Stream Totem. AoE Tanking:  Stoneclaw Totem followed by  Fire Nova Totem. To learn more about totems, watch the Video.

Video: Shaman Tank - Talents
The optimal talent setup for a Shaman Tank: (16/35/0), it has steady threat per second for raids & excels on short fights.

Video: Shaman Tank - Tank Rotations - Youtube
1. PrePull: Cast Lightning Shield. Get all Buffs the group can supply. Cast Rockbiter Weapon. Place: Stoneskin Totem, Grace of Air Totem & Healing Stream Totem. Mark the mobs in front of you by right-clicking their portrait, pick Raid Target Icon, choose from either a Skull = kill first, a red X = kill second, a blue square = Hunter trap and a moon = Polymorph.
2. Pulling: Cast  Lightning Bolt, followed by as many  Lightning Bolt possible to trigger,  Elemental Focus. Lastly,  Earth Shock.
3. Combat: For raids, use  Nat Pagle's Broken Reel to assure the first few Earth Shocks hit. In a fight, use relevant ranks of Earth Shock that suits your mana & threat. Stormstrike can’t be downranked but is also used in similar cases. If  Lightning Shield expires, cast it. If you suddenly might die, equip a defensive weapon, ex:  Spineshatter w/ Enchant Weapon - Agility &  Rockbiter Weapon, use Masterwork Target Dummy (taunts boss), use  Juju Escape, possibly  Major Healthstone & Major Rejuvenation Potion, to learn more (see Video).

There's a hardcore raid rotation with great results but requires good gear, Buffs, etc… If all actions below can't be done don’t be sad, it’s mostly to display the maximum potential possible to achieve grand feats.

1. PrePull: Use  Unconscious Dig Rat. Unequip all gear & cast Rank1  Lightning Bolt on the rat to get Elemental Focus. Equip a gear set with the most spell damage possible & have another Shaman with the (8/8) The Ten Storms gear set, cast  Lesser Healing Wave on you until you get  Lightning Shield (see Video). Once the Buff appears, equip normal tank gear and a spell damage weapon, ex:  Staff of the Shadow Flame w/ Brilliant Wizard Oil &  Enchant Weapon - Spell Power.

  • PrePull (Situational): Can also equip  Malown's Slam & hit the rat to possibly trigger the weapon’s strength Buff. If the Buff appears, swap to your usual weapon & the Buff stays. Also, possible to get  Flurry.
  • PrePull (Situational): Someone in the party can  Gnomish Shrink Ray the rat to give the party +250 attack power.

2. Pulling: Hunter pulls the boss, be on the opposite side to create the most walking distance for the boss. A second before the Hunter pulls, cast Stoneclaw Totem,  Thornling Seed, Fire Nova Totem &  Chain Lightning. Use Nat Pagle's Broken Reel. Cast Earth Shock & swap to normal weapon+shield.

  • Pulling (Situational): If the first Earth Shock misses, equip a two-handed weapon w/Rockbiter Weapon & Stormstrike after swap to a normal weapon+shield.

Video: Shaman Tank - Tank Buffs - Youtube
There's a max of 32 Buffs, avoid nearing the max as it may result in Buffs getting mistakenly removed, the addon: Buff Cap Tracker helps. Use Buff Cap Calc to see what Buffs stack. Prioritize getting defensive Buffs, ex:  Elixir of Fortitude before Threat Buffs, ex:  Juju Might. (here's a detailed List of Buffs).

A max of 16 Debuffs can be on a mob. Reaching the max is major in raids. There's defensive Debuffs:  Insect Swarm & threat Debuffs:  Faerie Fire among others (See List of Debuffs). With the raid leader’s consent, suggest ideal Debuffs without overstepping. We can apply Gift of Arthas & Stormstrike. 

Video: Shaman Tank - How to gear!? - Youtube
Solidify defensive stats when gearing, threat is secondary. It’s advised to have 4k HP & 5k Armor unbuffed for Molten Core. Blackwing Lair, ~4800 to 5k HP and 6500-7k Armor. For reliable threat, 3% melee Hit is advised for dungeons. For Raid tanking, 6% Melee Hit. See the BiS Gear Set. You can't equip gear in combat, except for a weapon & shield, enabling the equipping of a defensive weapon, ex: Spineshatter, if survival seems grim. To learn more, see the Video.

There are two types of enchants, defensive, ex:  Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility. And offensive, ex:  Enchant Gloves - Threat. Having Enchanting isn't neded to gain the profession’s advantages. Simply, give the Enchanter the required enchanting materials and they will enchant your gear for a small gold tip. See the List of Enchants.

AoE Tanking

Video: Shaman Tank - How to deal AoE Threat?
Many actions can further solidify AoE cases, ex:  Oil of Immolation Force Reactive Disk, Thorns, etc... (see a detailed Threat List) It’s crucial to switch and attack another target ever so often. In combat, items & spells giving health or mana deal 50% threat divided by each mob. Items also help until a decent amount of threat is gained on all mobs, ex: Masterwork Target Dummy.

Video: Shaman Tank - Group Composition
With the raid leader’s consent, offer an ideal raid comp without overstepping. In our group, Warlock:  Blood Pact, Warrior:  Battle Shout, Druid:  Leader of the Pack, Hunter:  Trueshot Aura. For damage dealing classes, we prefer ranged classes over melee. If melee are needed, rogues are best. Groups with high threat dealers can have a Shaman: Tranquil Air Totem.


Shaman Tank Livestream:

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I prefer sherman tanks

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I prefer sherman tanks

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