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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dark SoulS 10TH ANNIVERSARY!

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Best Souls game!?

Dark Souls: Remastered /P... 5 19.23%
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin 4 15.38%
Dark Souls III: Game of the Year Edition 2 7.69%
Bloodborne + The Old Hunters DLC 7 26.92%
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 3 11.54%
Demon's Souls 2009 1 3.85%
Demon's Souls 2020 3 11.54%
Nioh Series? 0 0%
The Surge Series!? 0 0%
Others?! 1 3.85%

This is my personal souls collection haha!

The original Dark Souls Japan release date was September 22, 2011!

while the Americas got it on October 4, 2011 so again Happy Anniv lol!

What was the most memorable souls experience did you have in recent memories!?

and which souls game is the best overall in the franchise?!

I would like to hear yo comments!

See y'all in Elden Ring ey?!

Praise the Sun as always and in Hidetaka Miyazaki we trust!

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God I feel old.

All amazing games, but Bloodborne takes the cake, cause the setting was extraordinary and, in my view, the most interesting! The setting makes almost everything in BB 1 step better than other souls games.

Also Nioh... imho, i see why people say nioh is a "souls game" but i truly think its closer to Diablo (lol)! For real, Nioh is different from "souls", it's a mix of Souls and Diablo, and i love the result!

GoTY 2022:

I wholeheartedly agree!

Only IP from last 15 or so years that got into my Top 10 IPs (with 3 or more games), with DSII being my favourite.

From non-From Souls-like games, Salt and Sanctuary is my pick, followed by Mortal Shell.

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i loved ds2!

its my fave out of all souls games haha!

I've played almost all of them. Loved this series. I cant imagine how are people out there in the wild who consider themselves gamers and do not like the games Fromsoft has made, they are fantastic. Bloodborne is my personal favorite, the gameplay but most importantly the setting and atmosphere are the best Fromsoft has done.
Im still yet to try Demon Souls RE, cause I havent got a PS5 yet, but im hoping thats gonna change very soon.
And im so looking forward to Elden Ring.

Guess Ill go with others, since my favorite is the original Dark Souls 2.

a lot of people don't like dark souls 2 even though its the highest rated dark souls game 

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whos eggcited and day one buying elden ring!?