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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The top gaming companies in the nes/snes era

Do you agree with this list   I personally think konami/ultra was the king of the nes era

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Square would have to be near the top. They made megaton after megaton.

Capcom, Konami and Nintendo in the top 3. You are correct.


In that order for the home console market. It's easy to forget now how popular Konami was in that era. Square wasn't quite as big esp in the US as some of those games didn't release over here. They gave us Mystic Quest which sucks. Konami was just slightly edged out by Capcom but Konami was still pumping out hit after hit.

One company that gets forgotten in the modern-day is Hudson. Hudson with the PC Engine. TG16 was a flop in the west but in Japan was a big success with a huge library.

Back then unlike now, it wasn't just 4-5 big publishers. There was a shit ton.
You can list 50 more big publishers at the time. There were more big studios then since they pumped out so many games in short periods of time plus arcades were huge still.

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Kind of mind-blowing that Namco never makes any best of NES/SNES lists. That can be chalked up in part to the huge falling-out between Yamauchi and Nakamura.

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Heh, I wish that video listed some sample games for each publisher.  Anywho, this is probably my personal top 5 for both the NES and SNES.

1. Nintendo
2. Konami
3. Capcom
4. Squaresoft
5. Sunsoft

1. Squaresoft
2. Nintendo
3. Konami
4. Enix
5. Capcom