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Forums - Movies Discussion - Favorite Musician Biopic?

Ray when it comes to a real bio pics and This is Spinal Tap and Walk Hard: The Dewy Cox Story when it comes to comedy/mockumentaries.

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The Doors

Oliver Stone, Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan… peyote. It’s a good movie.

I know there was controversy about the squeaky clean-Dre presentation that was shown, and the bullshit Heller vs Eazy E drama toward the end with Eazy going broke, but I loved this one:

Cut out all the professional jealousy that Dre had against Tupac and made it look like he's the one that got Tupac in... by the way, Tupac died 25 years ago tomorrow. Although, ignoring all the fake stuff in the later portions of the film, I really enjoyed it.

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