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EnricoPallazzo said:
EricHiggin said:

Wikipedia co-founder is quite disappointed with the heavy wiki left wing bias and wants/wishes for a new version of wiki that's less open and based more on the evidence from the professionals. He even apologizes for what wiki has become and to anyone who's been negatively impacted by it.

Conservapedia is yet just another version of something that already exists that's been tilted politically, to try and maintain the balance. This is just going to continue until the other side backs off (which is highly unlikely), or until everything, absolutely everything, becomes split based on politics.

One side can't afford a split, whether they realize it or not, and the other automatically triumphs overall if that takes place, even though they'd prefer to remain as one. Maybe competition in a free market can solve the problem, for better or for worse. Time will tell.

My words exactly. I stopped donating to Wikipedia because of it.

With time we will see two versions of everything, one for the left and one for the right. The difference is that the conservative side will always be under shut down warning, or being effectively shut down.

Either the world gets divided in two or we will be all under a society under a "ministry of truth" and post cultural revolution living under the left/establishment narrative in a semi dictatorial world.

Today I would put my money in the second option.

As for free market I believe the world post 2008 does not have that anymore at least under the macro view.

There's certainly, truth, to that. For now anyway. Gotta hand it to Sanger though. Takes a bigger better man to admit one's faults and look to solve them. Can't help but to admire that in an individual.

Some sectors are much less free than others due to the monopolies that exist and how they choose to operate. Perhaps the new Freedom Phone can help solve one of those issues. Heck, pair that with a Freedom Mobile plan and you'd even make William Wallace blush. A lot changed between 1270 and 1984 however. Swords to guns, guns to pens, pens to wallets.