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Forums - Sales Discussion - Current Wii U NPD Charts

I wasn't sure whether this should be in sales or Nintendo so feel free to move this if needed.

So, Mat Piscatella made a twitter post that kinda blew my mind, apparently the Wii U still to this day has monthly sales chart updates. It's rather interesting to see the May 2021 top ten, which is lead by BotW and Star Fox Zero. (As a SFZ apologist who genuinely really likes that game, I am satisfied by the four copies it probably sold last month)

My question is, does anyone on here know anything else about this or have access to the charts from the past few years? The Wii U has been effectively dead since 2017 so I'd be VERY interested in seeing some of those. 

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Warner Bros feasting

That's nice that they are still tracking, though the numbers are probably pretty insignificant. Plus without knowing even vague numbers I doubt it'll be useful. I would love to see the post-switch Wii U software numbers though

I suppose it makes sense that Star Fox Zero is one of the better selling Wii U games given that it's one of the very few exclusives it still has.

I didn't even know Resident Evil 4 was ported to Wii U.

That is my foolishness of course because RE4 has been ported to everything...

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The lack of Nintendo games selling is probably highly due to the Switch porting tactic. Also doesn't help that Wii U games are not sold anywhere really and Nintendo doesn't share there digital sales.

Might I also remind everyone that Mario kart on the Wii last year or the year before was still selling like 40,000 new copies a year.

Lego games did great on Wii U, so doesn't surprise me that audience is still there.


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