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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Xbox Series X/S and PS5 probably should've been delayed


Should the ninth generation consoles have been delayed?

No way 24 51.06%
Yes, delayed to March 2021 5 10.64%
Yes, delayed to June 2021 2 4.26%
Yes, delayed to September 2021 3 6.38%
Yes, delayed to November 2021 11 23.40%
Other 2 4.26%


Peeps: OP asked that the thread not continue to be derailed on the discussion of controllers. I get that things veer, but try to respect that as best you can!


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Wman1996 said:
Random_Matt said:

PS5 more so, complete rush job. They forgot to add a heat sink on half the ram, goes past 90c, good job Sony only gives 12 months warranty.

I didn't go into more detail in my original post because it was so long, but great point. The storage situation on PS5 was also unacceptable at launch and a sign of a rushed or tone-deaf launch. 

Xbox Series S/X launched with ways to store your Xbox Series games on an HDD, as well as expandable SSD storage (though it's crazy expensive). Sony didn't even give the HDD option to store PS5 games until recently.

Both console works as intended. A delay would have done nothing but push the industry back a year from developers working on next generation engines and games. With chip crunch, it would actually be worse off if they decided to launch this year for the reasons people have said above.

Delayed to November 2021.

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