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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Gamepass Value Thread

Gears of War 5 - 50 dollars (in dec when I played it)

Hivebuster DLC - 20 dollars

The Medium - 50 dollars

Star Wars Fallen Order - 60 dollars

Nier Automata - 30 dollars

Battlefield 5 - 60 dollars (in dec when I played it)

Sea of Thieves - 40 dollars

Outriders - 60 dollars

Forza Horizon 4 - 40 dollars

Dirt 5 - 60 dollars

Hellblade - 30 dollars

MLB The Show 21 - 60 dollars (only played on my son's console thus far, but I will be starting soon on my account)

Six months of XBLive Gold - 30 dollars (based on a 60 for the year sub to low ball)

This does not include any games my son has played on his account, since we share the sub between two XBox.  This also does not include the games I got with Games With Gold which only increases the value as well, since it is included with my ultimate sub.  I paid 1 dollar for my first month and stayed subbed for 15 a month after that.  So far I have paid a total of 76 dollars on gamepass, but recieved a total value of 500 dollars of content on mu account alone and without including GWG.  So even this is an extremely low balled number.

It is also worth noting that due to MS rewards, I have the next 2 months of gamepass for free.  The value is insane, saves a ton of money, and great for people who have multiple consoles in the house.

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I'm going to start with games I've been playing this year because it would take too long to recount all of them.

The Medium
Jedi Fallen Order
What remains of Edith Finch
Gears 5(started before this year, but I still play it weekly)
NBA 2K 21
Destroy All Humans
Ace Combat 7
Fractured Minds
Dirt 5
Genesis Noir
Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare 2
Sniper Eite 4
Shadow Warrior 2
The Jackbox Party 4

I didn't look up the exact price of each game, but estimated roughly $700 worth, give or take.