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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Big Directs vs Mini Directs


Which ones you prefer

Big Directs 24 70.59%
Mini Directs 9 26.47%
No Directs 1 2.94%

I answered Big Directs but I'm far from being against small Directs. The only thing that matters is the content they do have however and it's the only thing viewers will remember in hindsight.

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Probably Mini Directs every month or two. Less stuff at a time to feel like I have to skip if I'm not watching live.

I don't think I've been impressed with an E3 or Full Nintendo Direct since 2017. The Animal Crossing Direct in 2020 was the last great one, and like I said it wasn't a typical or huge one.

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I only care about how good or interesting the content is, could be an hour direct of just great announcement after great announcement or the same within a 10 to 20 minutes span.

So my answer would be I prefer directs like E3 2019 and Partner Showcase September 2020.