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Forums - Gaming Discussion - My first "Tales of" experience!

I've put in about 40 hours in Tales of Vesperia on the Switch (my first Tales game) and have enjoyed it very much so far; the characters are fun, great voice acting, the music is great, the artstyle is fantastic, but I do have one major complaint. That being, I am not a fan of the battle system at all. I remember playing through Shining Resonance Refrain and enjoying that battle system, which reviewers were comparing to the Tales of games, so I thought I would love it. But to me, it just feels like a fighting game. For the most part, I'm not a fan of 2D fighters.  I'm not saying the battle system is bad, it just isn't for me. 

So I guess that leads to this question: are all Tales of battle systems like Vesperia's? Or are there some that are more like Shining Resonance? I am going to finish Vesperia and overall will like it a lot, and it has made me want to try other Tales games, but I don't know how many I could go through with this 2D fighter style battle system. 

Random note, I always find myself listening to the opening theme song every time I boot it up. It is so catchy!


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Yeah I stopped about 1/3 way through the game.

Battle system istn't really that good and there are far far far too many cutscenes. Really ruins the flow of the game.

In all the games that I have played - either similar or exactly the same. Especially in the "Tales of" series. She is very fond of. As well as that moment that more often they look like novels.

Every game from Symphonia to Zestria (vast majority of the franchise) uses variations of that same battle system, then Berseria changed things up a bit but in my opinion for the worse. Personally I love that system though and it's a big part of why I like the franchise so much.

But yea to those that don't like that system I can see how that would take a lot of the appeal out of the series. It seems like the next game, Tales of Arise, might have pretty different combat though, so that could perhaps be more up your alley, worth keeping an eye on at least.

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