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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Achievement League 2021 - June update is here

ice said:

The Ascent and Microsoft Flight Simulator are eligible for plats

New Plats

hollabackenny - The Medium - gold

welfare - The Medium - Plat

Angelus - The Ascent - Gold

Click here for the full list of current games and plat holders

Should be noted, for anyone interested, the Ascent currently has a couple of unobtainable achievements, so don't waste your time on it too much until they fix it.

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Damn, those completion ratios for GamePass games and DLCs are way too high.


derpysquirtle64 said:

Damn, those completion ratios for GamePass games and DLCs are way too high.

I think they aren't too crazy, the DLC ones are though. If I were to do the league again I would change the requirements a bit for DLC completions. 

And now that my WiFi adapter in my computer seems to be working... Time to finally post the final chart lol

July's overall Monthly Ranks

1Barozi | Gerbasgamer30242276
2Spade | SLiferCynDelta22221559
3Angelus | Arch Adonias18232548
4Libara | Libara2561041
5hollabackenny | hollabackenny11014530
6KiigelHeart | KiigelHeart20424
7VersusEvil | Versus Evil15621
8Welfare | Welfare Queen I51015
9DerpySquirtle64 | DRPSquirtle6412214
10KenJab | LockedArrow13111010
11Nobleteam360 | Paine819
12WoodenPints | Obscure Ale145
13LudicrousSpeed | Cpt RonCod134
14Ryuu96 | XiRyuuXi11
14Mike321 | AlphaMike32111
14Axumblade | Axumblade11
14Acevil | Acevil11
14ice | PHO3N1X DOWN11
14Dulfite | Dulfite11
14DroidKnight | xxDROIDKNIGHTxx11
14ironmanDX | ironDX11
14Shikamaru317 | Unbound1711

Hey @ice .
I know you're not too active at the moment but do you think you could update the league before October?
I'm always interested in seeing what others have achieved (and honestly I don't even remember what I played in August either).

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July's YTD

PlaceUser | GTPoints
1Angelus | Arch Adonias415
2Spade | SliferCynDelta377
3Barozi | GerbasGamer372
4VersusEvil | Versus Evil302
5KiigelHeart | KiigelHeart209
6Libara | Libara193
7ice | PHO3N1X DOWN191
8WoodenPints | Obscure Ale118
9NobleTeam360 | Paine97
10Mike321 | AlphaMike32193
11LudicrousSpeed | Cpt RonCod84
12Kenjab | LockedArrow131173
13Shikamaru317 | Unbound1749
14DerpySquirtle64 | DRPSquirtle6439
15hollabackenny | hollabackenny30
16DroidKnight | xxDROIDKNIGHTxx20
17Welfare | Welfare Queen I15
18Ryuu96 | XiRyuuXi11
19ironmanDX | ironDX10
19Axumblade | Axumblade10
21Dulfite | Dulfite6
22Acevil | Acevil5

I forgot to post this, August's update incoming

August's Gamerscore Ranks

RankUser | GTGSPoints
1Barozi | Gerbasgamer8,55130
2Angelus | Arch Adonias4,68025
3Axumblade | Axumblade2,68022
4DerpySquirtle64 | DRPSquirtle642,61020
5NobleTeam360 | Paine2,26518
6Spade | SliferCynDelta1,98015
7Libara | Libara1,75112
8KiigelHeart | KiigelHeart1,61510
9Mike321 | AlphaMike3211,3958
10Ryuu96 | XiRyuuXi1,3355
10KenJab | LockedArrow13111,3355
12LudicrousSpeed | Cpt RonCod1,1101
13Shikamaru317 | Unbound176951
14hollabackenny | hollabackenny6301
15Welfare | Welfare Queen I5401
16ice | PHO3N1X DOWN3851
17DroidKnight | xxDROIDKNIGHTxx851
18ironDX | ironmanDX301
19WoodenPints | Obscure Ale00
19VersusEvil | Versus Evil00
19Dulfite | Dulfite00
19Acevil | Acevil00

August's Completions

Angelus | Arch Adonias

Hitman 3 - base game2.22
Twelve Minutes1.71
Psychonauts 22.12

Total Points: 7

Barozi | Gerbasgamer

Minecraft Update village and Pillage3.83
Minecraft update Aquatic Phase one2.52
Final Fantasy XV - Episode Promto3.93
Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead1.81
Kingdom Come Deliverance - Band of Bastards3.23
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - The Amorous Adventures of bold Sir Hans Capon3.43
Kingdom Coe: Deliverance - From the Ashes3.73

Total Points: 24

DerpySquirtle64 | DRPSquirtle64

Blaster Master Zero 41.51

Total Points: 1

hollabackenny | hollabackenny

Dead by daylight - Stranger Things Title Update3.13
Dead by Daylight - Resident Evil Title Update3.23

Total Points: 6

ice | PHO3N1X DOWN

Sea of thieves - Lost Treasure12.310
Destiny 2 - Base Game1.51

Total Points: 11

KiigelHeart | KiigelHeart

Sea of thieves - A Pirate's Life6.36
Twelve Minutes1.71

Total Points: 7

LudicrousSpeed | Cpt RonCod

Mad Max2.22

Total Points: 2

NobleTeam360 | Paine

Scarlet Nexus2.52

Total Points: 2

Ryuu96 | XiRyuuXi

Psychonauts 22.12

Total Points: 2

Spade | SliferCynDelta

Scarlet Nexus2.52

Total Points: 2

August's Rare Achievements

Wing Commander - Microsoft Flight Sim21.57NobleTeam36018
Journeyman - Microsoft Flight Sim18.99NobleTeam36015
Landmarks the spot - Microsoft Flight Sim13.38NobleTeam36013
Feeding The Flame - Sea of Thieves11.62ice10
Night Owl - Microsoft Flight Sim11.31Libara, NobleTeam3608
Trusted Advisor - Gears 59.29KiigelHeart6
Hydroplaining - Microsoft Flight Sim8.61Libara5
Bernie is Back - Gears 58.49KiigelHeart4

Won't take part as I don't want to post my profile publicly, but I'm working on Crash 4 atm, what a nightmare! Only 0.12% have the all platinum relics achievement. Got 20/38 so far...