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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are the best controllers for gaming?

I pretty much never stopped using the gamecube controller. It have some flaws, but no other controller fits as nice in my hands. Bought versions of the controller for pretty much every gaming system. If no gamecube-like controller is present I use adapters. Currently using a wirless controller from PowerA with most functions of a pro controller but with the gamecube layout of buttons. My favorite controller so far.

Never got to buying a switch pro controller but used it a few times. Would probaly take the top spot for me if I get one. It just felt so premium to use.

The snes controller is still the best for retro gaming. The D-pad on the gamecube controller is awful and not comfortable to play with.

I hope the PS5 controller is great when I get my hands on that system. Skipped the PS4 and never really used that controller. Looks like the grip will rest better in my hand compared to the weak handles on the PS123 controllers.

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XB Elite, followed by the regular 360/xbone/xsx controllers (they're all basically the same thing). From there I'd go DS4, DS3, and beyond that I don't have much opinion. I will say that the Gamecube and N64 controllers are among my least favorite modern controllers.

I think that XB, since they moved past the Duke, has the best controller by a wide margin. But, I think a lot of this is just about what one gets used to. I game on every system, but tend to lean towards Xbox because I prefer that controller for shooters, and I play a lot of shooters. Consequently, that controller feels most comfortable to me. Also, the slow pace of evolution of the controller helps it feel familiar, I think.

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It's not the greatest of all time, but the Hori split pad pro is fantastic. Joycons now retired for party games