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Forums - Sales Discussion - Have PS5 shipments fallen off a cliff?

Everyone, stop thinking about the ps5 and finish playing your ps4 games.

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shipments were definitely front loaded which is why it later fell behind ps4 sales in some regions after initially breaking its record,.

VAMatt said:
sales2099 said:

Does seem like their initial record is becoming a gen over gen decline. Supply issues on both sides is concerning but this is great news.

And to explain myself, the supply constraint allows the consoles to compete on their games instead of PS5 pulling ahead purely on brand loyalty and little else. This way we can have a good old fashioned console war based on games. 

Do we believe that MS is not having as much manufacturing trouble as Sony?

Just going with what I’m seeing on the site. Xbox shipments are more or less consistent while PS shipments are declining 

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Alby_da_Wolf said:
VAMatt said:

Do we believe that MS is not having as much manufacturing trouble as Sony?

But above all, if Phil will use this argument in PR statements, MS will have to pay sales2099 huge royalties!!!   

Nah the money I save per year using Game Pass is all the financial compensation I need :)

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TruckOSaurus said:

I was wondering how Sony and Microsoft were able to not be disturbed in their production while Switch ran into some production issues. I guess they just didn't want to confirm it at the time but it does seem COVID had the same kind of impact on the next gen consoles as what Nintendo experienced.

There was a report about yield issues for Sony, but that's not a COVID problem like Nintendo had it in early 2020 when Chinese factories were put on hold. A yield issue means that produced chipsets don't pass quality assurance in high enough numbers.

For Microsoft it's that they started production later than Sony, but that was due to waiting for a more optimized chipset or something.

Point is, there has been no news of factories being put on temporary hold due to COVID, so Sony's and Microsoft's current supply shortages would have occured regardless of the current pandemic.

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It’s bizarre, haven’t seen word of any shipments for PS5 or X|S since mid December maybe.

All I know is, it's Januari 18th, both are still not available here (Canada) New Xbox / PS5 consoles won't be available at our store locations.

Yep. By now I'm convinced that the yield issue rumors that were going around were true, and it is affecting both companies.

I would say yes. Here in U.S. I've barely seen restocks for the major retailers and PS Direct hasn't had stock in like 2 weeks. Sure the PS5 started out fantastic, but it seems it's now tracking behind PS4 sales. My guess is Sony initially wanted to do a staggered launch like the PS4, but they wanted to match Microsoft's simultaneous launch (even then they still had a week gap for launches). Of course scarce parts and COVID are playing roles in both companies not being able to restock.

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