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Forums - Gaming Discussion - When a company's release schedule says "Q4" when does that mean?

QUite often it means not 2-3 years from now.

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It depends on the publisher. For some, it's the holiday season, for others, it's January through March.

I have never understood why fiscal years don't align with calendar years. I mean, why start it on April 1 or July 1? What's the point?


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Shadow1980 said:

I have never understood why fiscal years don't align with calendar years. I mean, why start it on April 1 or July 1? What's the point?

I just know that some country educational calendar year is also odd because they align with season, so while our school year and sports calendar is from january to december on the same year USA go for mid of one year to mid of the other.

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Shadow1980 said:

I have never understood why fiscal years don't align with calendar years. I mean, why start it on April 1 or July 1? What's the point?

It has a lot to do with the seasonal nature of that particular business and when the majority of there income come in.  The end of your fiscal year affects when you are required to pay taxes.

For example

It also affects when they report information to stock holders etc.

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Calender year not fiscal year

curl-6 said:

For context, I'm wondering about the recent Capcom leak which apparently has a new Resident Evil game for Switch scheduled for Q4 2021, wasn't sure if that meant end of this year or early next year.

I too am concerned for when the best developer releases yet another masterpiece for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. 

Shot in the dark, but, I'm pretty sure Capcom's fiscal year is the standard January-March as "Quarter 4", right? And also, there's been a consistent trend since Resident Evil 7 of the RE games releasing around that time period (REVII: January 24th, 2017, REmake 2: January 25th, 2019, REmake 3: April 3rd, 2020). So that seems quite likely. Would also space out their titles so MHR goes into one fiscal year and RE Switch is in another fiscal year, making one year less lopsided. 

Q1: Jan, Feb, March
Q2: Apr, May, Jun
Q3: Jul, Aug, Sep
Q4: Oct, Nov, Dec

And as for the seasons, those are pretty self expanalotry. Holiday tends to mean November and December, though it can occasionally mean the last week of October as well (Super Mario Odyssey).

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If it is about games it usually means vaporware

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SKMBlake said:
Cobretti2 said:

Yes they do. Each country defines their 12month period for what they deem to be a financial year.

No, companies can decide when their fiscal year starts and ends. Your wikipedia page mostly refers to the government fiscal year, which isn't related to the topic.

And setting up companies and deciding their fiscal year is basically my job.

 SKMBlake  is right , in Australia the financial year is july 1st to June 30th , but a company can make a request to the stock exchange to change their financial   year , this is usually done by shortening the current  financial year so the new reporting date aligns with the month you chose, an example would be if you chose  November 1st to October 31 that would mean a 4 month financial year report followed by annual reporting using the new dates.

There are a number of reasons why this can be beneficial, one is you aren't reporting with everyone else so you have more market visibility, another is better access to auditing firms.

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