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Forums - NSFW Discussion - I feel sex deprived since lockdown last year and still feel deprived this year

curl-6 said:
Majora said:

I’m climbing the walls with frustration. It’s been about a month or so - torture. And no, I’m not joking.

Only a month and you're climbing the walls? Is that a month of lockdown, or a month of no sex?

The latter. Since being single it’s a lot less frequent anyway due to the continuous lockdowns but it’s really getting to me these days. I don’t watch porn or anything so it can make it worse. My choice of course, but I’d rather have sex than use my hand and/or watch porn. I suppose looking at the same four walls day in and day out doesn’t help anything at all for many reasons. 

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ice said:

Bruh same I cant even jerk off without wearing a mask and gloves, kinda kills the mood but I don’t Want my dick to get COVID :(

Try living one the edge a little.

As others have mentioned, you may want to consider hiring a prostitute. IMO, this is perfectly healthy and normal, and should be considered no different than things like paying a therapist to talk to you. Humans have a basic physical need for sex, just luke we have a need to talk to people. A decent prostitute will serve both of those purposes.

If you hire a street walker, you'll only get the sex part. But, if you hire a good escort, you'll get some affection and companionship as well. Theres nothing wrong with paying to meet these needs just like you pay to meet other needs. So, i hope you seriously consider it.

Good one numonex!

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