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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Guess the Character Minigame Challenge#1 (ends Jan 3)

Hello everyone, Time for a little minigame here on VGChartz that will put your gamer knowledge to a test. 

The rules are simple:

1) Look at the sample color palette

2) Try to figure out what video game character would have that color palette

3) Place a bet on the character you think it is

4) Wait a few days for PayDay!


Look at this color palette, what character does it remind you of?

The bigger the pie, the more that color is represented in the character.

Here is the answer:

Now, here is Challenge #1, what character has this color palette?

These are the possible characters you can bet on (alphabetical Order)

King K. Rool
Ninja Turtle

Bet ends  on Jan 3

edit: Please don't bet everything you have, there will be more of these, so you might want to save some for later.

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$1,000 is the limit and I am going all-in.

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At first glance I thought Link.
Old link would have only 1 green though & cel shaded link the light & dark greens would be switched, but maybe you found an image where you can't see much of his arms & are separating the lit & shaded portions of his tunic... so i'm going with cel shaded link.

I'm too late for the bet, but I would guess Link

I just saw this now, which makes me want to go BERSERK!

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@RolStoppable @HigHurtenflurst @Bofferbrauer2 @COKTOE

Thank you for your interest and betting on this challenge. I decided to cancel it as I felt the background of the image was distorting the end result and it was a bit misleading. 

I created a new challenge that it is very similar to this one, It is probably easier but because it is the first time it will be low dificulty. 

Please let me know if you enjoy these challenges so that I can continue doing more, and harder challenges.

edit: here is the link