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Forums - General Discussion - Do you guys miss going to school physically in person you want graduation ceremony like others?

I'm fine without high school. It HAS been kinda weird the last week or so with restrictions, and they're about to get more strict on Thursday.

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In law school. Aside from there being some cute girls in some of my classes, don't really miss it. Really like the whole not having to travel an hour and a half each way kind of thing. Plus, a lot of times if I knew I wouldn't be called in class (law school teachers generally have one group of students who is on call each day) I was able to log into the meeting, not actually be in the class, and watch the replay at a more convenient time.

There are some people I missed a little, but all in all, it worked out better.

Having graduated from college 2 years ago, I don't miss school, period.

I'm enjoying my university time at home.
Lots of lectures and seminars that I couldn't care less about so I just log in and "listen" while playing some games.
Also professors seem to be even more lazy than usual, ending meetings very early.
On top of that it cuts commuting by one hour.

Kinda sad it will end in approx. three months.

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Hell no I don't miss it, school at least when and where I attended it was torture for someone with my neurology.

As for COVID restrictions, my state spent months in hard lockdown this year; mandatory masks outdoors, non-essential businesses all shut, people only allowed outside for an hour per day and only within 5km of their house, no visiting other households. And guess what? Today was our 46th day in a row of zero COVID cases state-wide.
I'd rather put up with a little temporary inconvenience when it means saving lives and eliminating disease. The way I see it, it's worth making sacrifices for the greater good of the community.

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Have graduated 12 years ago, and finished MBA about 4 years ago and don't miss school. And I didn't mind working from home as well, now I'm back on office, but being home isn't an issue for me at all.

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Got an e-mail to say "You got your Master's Degree" so yeah, I don't really miss that

I always liked going to school. Sitting around all day learning cool stuff, short hours, lots of breaks. If someone offered me to go to school for a few years again for the same pay I get now I would immediately agree. The worst part is always homework which I'm religiously against and which as the single reason why I hated school.

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While I don't miss school, I do miss University sometimes.
The workload was more manageable, the teachers more understanding, there was less bullying, and by then I had been diagnosed so I got the support I needed.
Some of my best friends to this day I met living on campus at University.
If I was there now though, I'd be fine with doing classes online and skipping real life graduation for safety's sake.

Screw Graduation ceremonies. Research is hard. Classes are fine. Miss Montreal and my friends but not the university per say

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