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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Walmart offering Switch Pro Controller with Super Mario Odyssey for $69

For $69, you can get a Switch Pro Controller with a download code for Super Mario Odyssey. Just Mario Odyssey coast $59, so I think this is a pretty good deal.

Here's the promotion


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I bought one. Good deal!! I am not a fan of 3D Mario games, but this deal was too good to let it pass.

Damn, you can't afford NOT to take this offer! The controller itself is normally $60 or $70 on its own. I already have a Pro Controller and a physical copy of the game, but I might get this just for the extra controller and give away my copy of the game. Or gift the whole thing to somebody.

EDIT: Screw it, I'm getting it. I can think of a few people or kids that this will make a great present for. Thank you very much for posting, Shikamo!

Saw this on YouTube and the comments had me dying! Some guy was like "That's like paying $70 for a box and getting a free game and a controller!!"

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