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Forums - Sales Discussion - Okami HD sales numbers leaked

I'm not sure if this has been posted yet.

Switch – 600,000
PC – 536,000
PS3 – 529,000
PS4 – 445,000
Xbox One – 121,000


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Great game. Had it on the PS3. Had no idea it got a release for the xbox one.

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121k is a lot better than i would have expected for Xbox

Great numbers for a re-release, it deserves much higher sales though, it's a splendid game.

According to VGC, the PS2 original and the Wii version sold only 630K and 600K respectively. Putting the Switch version almost on par with the original release.

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An ok game. Just ok, though. Verges on the border of mediocrity quite a bit at times. Wouldn't be opposed to a third game in the series, though. It is a GREAT concept.

Got it for ps3 years ago, I think it's time to play it

Is this game good? What kind of game is this?

I am a Nintendo fanatic.

Considering it is a remaster doing close original in several platforms is great.

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It's a lot