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Forums - Sales Discussion - Spain PS5 vs Xbox Series X / S launch week

Hiku said:

 *endless post*

Mate you really went full sherlock here lmao 

Good job, he was such an annoying troll 

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Hiku said:


This was raw af, bravo to the staff team 

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Imaginedvl said:
RolStoppable said:

Framing an Xbox console as competition in Spain comes across as incredibly desperate.

I have to agree with that :)

There is no way the Xbox Series X|S took any sales away from Sony in Spain (and probably in the rest of Europe too). 
I would love to see this happen, but there are not there yet.

The Switch just killed it, let's just face it.

Also, da fuck is a Desktop Console? Did I miss a memo or something?

For what is worth, assuming the person who said it is Spanish, that might be an awkward translation from "consola de sobremesa"; which is very often used to differentiate them from "portátiles" (ie handhelds: Game Boy, PSP, DS, etc)

Farsala said:

It is strange that the PSP is the top selling console at launch in Spain by such a large margin. I wonder if in the end it was higher or lower than other consoles.

Spain is a huge "PlayStation" country, to the point where it often gets used as a synonym for videogames in general by some older people (not too unlike how "nintendo" is used in other countries). I am pretty sure even the PS Vita sold decently in Spain, though that might be my own personal anecdotal evidence.

Thanks and congrats to Hiku. Switch is selling Very well and done great at launch as well, but not really on-topic.

About MS being much lower, well unless we have Full spread of consoles on ALL markets they probably had some others priorities to meet.

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The online waiting times for the PS5 are extreme in France, Spain, UK and Germany. The new controller and launch titles are great, especially Demon Souls, Astros Playroom and the new Spiderman. Strong sales for spain :)