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Forums - Sales Discussion - Does Nintendo Switch have the best-selling console of all time?

I believe Nintendo Switch sales are higher than the Nintendo DS which has had the best sales of all time (but which was caught up by the PS2 because it had the best longevity).
But it's just crazy for a console offered at 299 euros against 150 euros for the Nintendo DS

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It has some of its games, I guess.

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Its got some good... Sales dynamics.

Will be very difficult, but the Switch definitely has a shot.

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Toi tu aimes bien mettre Nintendo et Sony en face à face à chaque fois sans que cela ne soit nécessaire. 😁
C'est pas bien d'enflammer les forums, ils le sont déjà assez comme ça frère.

Don't think so.


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It's best selling console good

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No. Nintendo Switch isn't the best selling console of all time. The PS2 is.