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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best Call of Duty game on 7th gen


I think the best is...

COD2 3 6.52%
COD3 1 2.17%
Modern Warfare 16 34.78%
World at War 3 6.52%
Modern Warfare 2 8 17.39%
Black Ops 7 15.22%
Modern Warfare 3 2 4.35%
Black Ops 2 3 6.52%
Ghosts 1 2.17%
Advanced Warfare 2 4.35%
tripenfall said:
curl-6 said:

Same here. What did you love about it?

For me, besides just being a great game in its own right, it was the first COD game to get a quality port to the Wii, which is how I experienced it. Graphics weren't the best but being able to playing with pointer controls was awesome.

I really enjoyed playing from the perspective of the Russians as opposed to the normal USA campaign. Some of the levels were epic and the game really doubled down on the kill all Nazis theme and for some reason it really resonated with me. I also played it on the Wii with the zapper....

Yeah I also liked that the US segment covered the Pacific War instead of the Western front which for me is a much more interesting setting and certainly one that was less well trodden.

h2ohno said:

There was a brutality to World at War that I haven't seen in any other COD, though admittedly I haven't touched any COD since Black Ops 2. WAW was intense in a different way from later CODs. Instead of a roller coaster, its intensity came more from the intensity of real warfare and it was probably the most realistic game in the franchise.

That was what I "loved" about it too; love's not quite the right word as it was often quite uncomfortable but it was a very powerful experience in that it really hammered home the human cost of war. I feel like it's still by far the most mature COD game, not in the sense of it being gory but in that it portrays how horrific combat is for those involved instead of glorifying it.

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While MW1 was revolutionary at the Time, Black Ops 1 was Peak CoD tbh

World at war, easily, because of the russian campaign. And Gary Oldman.