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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rumor- Square Enix considering selling off it's western division to Ubisoft after The Avengers disappointment

I rather not, I like SquareEnix much more than Ubi. At least it isn't EA or Activision

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shikamaru317 said:

I doubt this is happening, but if it does happen, I really hope that Ubisoft treats these IP's better than Square Enix has. Square put Deus Ex and Tomb Raider on indefinite hiatus for a multi-game Marvel deal (without even finishing the current Deus Ex trilogy first), and Sleeping Dogs has been dead for years now, even though it sold pretty well (5m+ lifetime across all platforms), they let the studio who developed it go bankrupt instead of greenlighting a sequel.

It Gonna be worst trust me, They will Milk Tomb Rider to death for the Uncharted Crowd Goldmine with little to no consideration for the Deus Ex, i mean they still ignore Splinter Cell, Rayman, Prince of Persia Fanbase for years , and the only thing we get after a whole decade is a Sands of time remake that looks like a PS3 Game (even without a switch version to justify for that lol).

Oof! Seems like that game was a huge mistake lol

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Mess, was it really that big of a flop

Edit: assuming it's true

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Seems very fake. If they wanted to sell those, why not to 1st parties? They seem to be desperate to get more studios. Plus, would Ubisoft even be able to buy it in the first place?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Well if 4chan said it, I'm sure it's true.

No reason to believe in news broken on 4chan but on the idea: I don't think this sale is a bad idea. Perhaps SquarEnix would be better off focused on fewer studios. Ubisoft also sounds like a good fit for these IPs.

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JWeinCom said:
Well if 4chan said it, I'm sure it's true.

I wholeheartedly agree since I'm sure they posted a rumor fact that I'm well hung and handsome.

Before people start crying, selling to Ubisoft would not change a thing. Square Enix is exactly as terrible at making games as Ubisoft. They run like crap and are always full of DLCs and microtransactions. I really don't care if it's true or not and I wouldn't worry at all about the quality of the games if it was.

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