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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Devil may Cry 5 PS5 vs. Series X (Digital Foundry)


Were you happy with the performance of your console of choice?

Series X Outperformed 2 8.00%
Series X Disappointed 2 8.00%
PS5 Outperformed 7 28.00%
PS5 Disappointed 0 0%
It was a tie 11 44.00%
Will judge later with gam... 3 12.00%

DroidKnight said:

So it begins.

OP could you add this to the first post? A summery from Neogaf:

TL:DR (cant be arsed to watch?)

- Between PS5 and SeX they visually look pretty much identical (1:34)
- At the first option 'normal mode' (4K) they're identical (2:32)
- 'Normal mode' render at native 4k on both systems
- On 'Normal mode' (captured in 1080p) looks like SeX have a better perfomance over PS5
- On 'High Frame Rate mode' with use some sort of reconstruct tech- in gameplay starts looks like PS5 get a sightly better perfomance over SeX
- SeX get a severe drops over PS5 without reason (5:47 and 5:55)
- Rich saying 'those dips looks really strange', suggest could be an API limitation, maybe Directx 12U fault (6:00)
- John say that even enable VRR on SeX its not enough to solve those drops (7:10)
- Now testing the 'RT Perfomance Mode'
- On 'RT Perfomance Mode' looks like the game runs at 1920x1080 with Ray Tracing ON
- Looks like SeX have sightly better perfomance here over the PS5 as well
- On 'RT Quality Mode' looks like the game runs at a higher resolution
- Looks like SeX have sightly better perfomance in that mode too
- Both SeX and PS5 have super fast loading times, but looks like PS5 get a sightly faster than SeX, PS5 gets in 2:11 while SeX gets in 3:36 (11:43)
- On SeX you can really set your output at 60hz, unlike the PS5, forcing the game to run at 60 (13:09)
- John says at 11:13 from that video: ' They're really close. So suggest they're into a very competitive generation.'

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LudicrousSpeed said:
Game doesn't seem well optimized at all. Look at that frame rate fluctuation in every mode, yuck. Especially that high frame rate mode, both graphs were all over the place. That RT looked pretty good though.

Its mostly the xbox series x version (ei. doesnt happend on the PS5), has random odd dips.
Rich says it may be a API issue or something? during the video.

eva01beserk said:
Not a fan of the unlocked framerate. It doesn't even help with the xbox vrr. 120fps is just ridiculous as I thought from the beginning. a hard 60fps lock would be a much needed patch. I do believe the xbox has some option if connected to a 60hz display. Aside from that, I can see those guys confusion in their face trying to reason why the ps5 is just a couple of frames behind the xbox in rt and higher in framerate mode with its paper specs so low. They where gona perform the same as everyone thought and exclusives will be the real difference .

^ so much this. Lock it to a smooth 60, and just keep resolution at whatever is needed for that.

"In the meantime, the results seen here in the cross-platform comparison are fascinating. In terms of correlating on-paper specs to the actual experience on-screen, PlayStation 5 is either punching above its weight, or Xbox Series X isn't delivering on the full potential promised by a bigger silicon investment and a much more substantial memory interface. It'll be interesting to see to what extent the results seen here extend to other titles, and we'll be reporting on that as soon as other games are available." - Digital Foundry


Cerny was adament that higher clocked cores, on the GPU and fully utiliseing smaller amounts of cores (vs many lower clocked ones) was easier to use and develope with. Bound to make up abit of the differnce in theoretical GPU performance. 

Looks like thats true (atleast for this title).
You are not seeing more than ~5fps differnce when both consoles are running like 85-100 fps.
At that point it hardly matters (in that fps mode).

DF is saying Xbox Series X, in generall has like a ~8% performance lead.

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Honestly seems like a pretty lazy port by Capcom, performance isn't great on either console. The fact that it's a paid port rather than a free next-gen update like many other last gen games are getting, makes these performance issues inexcusable really.

Almost sounds like the game isn't taking advantage of the extra CUs provided by the Series X. Too bad Capcom shat the bed on the ps5 version by not having a locked 60 option. It's like they are saying fu to both sides.


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PS5 and XSX will be the most similar performance between consoles ever.

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Looking forward to seeing games that have been built from the ground up for both of the consoles. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

I don't know how to feel about this video.

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lol I feel like this video is a perfect F U to the console warriors looking for ammunition :)That being said, I fully agree with others in the thread, seems like a dubious upgrade going for sales points rather than an elevated experience - and taking advantage of that early gen game drought.

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Shinobi-san said:
lol I feel like this video is a perfect F U to the console warriors looking for ammunition :)That being said, I fully agree with others in the thread, seems like a dubious upgrade going for sales points rather than an elevated experience - and taking advantage of that early gen game drought.

The writing was on the wall. People just chose to ignore the technical breakdowns for whatever reason.

Its still early days of course. 8-9% disparity in early multiplatform in favour of Series X is pretty much in line in what I expected. And this is before developers get to optimise their code for their engines for each of the next gen consoles. So little in difference in power there won't be much to think about it.. its just going to come down to personal preference.

Idd, this is a cheap cash grab and cash in.. though this is Capcom we're talking about. Milking is their game :P

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Crappy game gets a crappy port. And the news is? Game looks acceptable on both consoles I see nothing adverse here but nothing that should next gen, including so called ray tracing.

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