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Forums - Movies & TV - The Terminator vs Terminator 2


Which is better?

The Terminator 10 21.28%
Terminator 2 37 78.72%
The_Liquid_Laser said:
curl-6 said:

It's funny, I never realized Terminator 1 had a modest budget. I always thought it seemed to have quite solid production values for its time.

Nor did I ever think of it as a B-movie, just a film that showed its age a little at times.

Reading now that it was made on just $6.4 million that does makes its excellence even more impressive.

I personally see a lot of parallels between T1&T2 and also the first two Mad Max movies.  I think in both cases the film makers had a grand vision in their heads, but they didn't have the budget to pull it off.  In spite of that both made great first movies on a limited budget to kind of put their ideas out there and test the waters.  But I feel both T2 and Mad Max 2 are the better movies.  Both had the budgets to realize the film makers' original visions.  But neither of these movies would have been made without the success of the first ones in the series.

Yeah that's very true; I really like the Mad Max films as well as while the second is definitely a superior sequel, the original has a scrappy charm with its super low budget but admirable ambitions. The first film was actually filmed around where I live, which gives it a special appeal to me.

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Both are great, but I would go with T2.


T2 is the better film, although I enjoy the club scene in T1 especially the background music being played.

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