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Forums - Music Discussion - System of a Down releases first new music in 15 years (2 songs)

It took a war for System of a Down to record new music. After seeing the country of Azerbaijan start a conflict with Armenia in September, the musicians, who are all of Armenian descent, rushed into the studio to record two new songs, “Protect the Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz,” to draw attention to the crisis in their ancestral homeland.

The band will donate proceeds from the songs, which come out Friday, to aid Armenians, and it is soliciting fans to donate to the Armenia Fund, which provides humanitarian relief to the region. Both songs are available on the group’s Bandcamp page.


Sad that it took a war, and while I am still processing whether I like both songs, I am glad that they could come together for a common cause. It has been too long...

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Love SoaD and I enjoy them being back with new music. But I feel Tankian will have a hard time, his voice is starting to become weaker IMO.

How I missed the Tankian/Malakian harmonies.

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I like that they still sound like themselves. I hate when bands/artists radically change their musical style over the years, but these songs are like slipping into a pair of familiar shoes, it's like nothing has changed. I like Protect the Land a bit more than the other song, but they are both good. 

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Never been much of a fan, besides a few songs here and there, but both of these are fairly decent. I know this will make a lot of people happy, which is something we really need this year.

This was totally unexpected, I thought it would never happen at this point. Not my favourite songs from them, but I like both, specially Genocidal Humanoidz. And, since these songs were created because of a starting war, it would be ideal that the end of it would eventually lead to a new full album. Wishful thinking, I guess.

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I'll listen to them later, thanks for the heads up, I love their songs.

It was okay, pretty average 

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OMG! Well that's a pleasant surprise that I could use during this dismal year.. Even after 2 decades, SOAD is still probably one of my top 5 bands of all time. So I'll take any new material I can get.

I'm glad something great can come out of a dark event - even if it's small

Edit: Yeah after listening - I'd say just "ok" overall as well. Definitely enjoyed Genocidal Humanoidz quite a bit more. 

Wish they could have at least made it like a 5-6 track EP rather than a measly 2 songs & under 8 minutes of music..

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