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Forums - Sony Discussion - Final Fantasy XVI teaser site is Live! Big info dump (Setting and Nations and characters)

I like it when games develop their lore this way, this really gives me FF Tactics/FF12 vibes

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Love the character design on the poster at the top, and loving everything I'm reading here, really can't wait for the game, first trailer had me sold, it's gonna' be a painful wait for another!

Not going to read as I want to go in fresh but the art looks amazing. Skimming though the banners, there looks like quite a few factions, probably fighting for dominance with Crystals.. I presume.

Thanks for the post.
Love the setting. Medival fantasy is THE world building I like for my Jrpgs. Dont like Joshua very much tho. Looks as generic and bland a main character as it gets, but then again I've never been particular fond of this franchise's main characters in general so maybe I wont feel so strong about it while im playing it.

The setting seems pretty interesting. It kinda reminds me of FFXII somehow.

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The Eikons remind me of Eiko, making me wish that the game was more like FFIX and not like it really is. But it's ok, I like the artwork and the setting.

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Better make sure they end up distributing the lore into the game itself cuz the last thing you need is make people confused with some plot elements because you'd seemingly haven't read our lore on a reclude website.

Still the art is pretty good but the character design isn't strong while looking beautiful still. And even though, I'm not fan of the dark fantsay setting they seem to hype up, they're going for something that's already more likeable than the last mainline entries imo.

*sigh* Now just scrap the DMC gameplay and use FF7R battle system instead !

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So fucking good art, game grew on me , i am hyped


Ka-pi96 said:
Clive? Joshua? Jill? Did they run out of cool fantasy names or something?

They are boring to us but unique to Japan.:P

All looks good to me, shame it's action.

Hmm, pie.

I get some FFIX Alexandria vibes with the crystal in the castle.

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