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Forums - General Discussion - I'm the only one who misses Futurama

This show was so good, I have the impression that in France we watched more futurama than the Simpsons. No but clearly Futurama season 1 to 7 >>>>> The simpsons

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It was ok, but many of the jokes were just so silly and awkward imo. Like "We changed the name of Uranus. We now call it Urectum." It had some great comedy at times, but nowhere near the brilliance of the earlier Simpsons seasons.

You're not the only one that misses Futurama. We are working through it again. It's so good.

I miss Futurama as well. I hope it comes back.

The existence of this thread is a slap in my face.

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I miss Futurama too.

Maybe you should watch it then? I don't miss it because I regularly watch it.

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vivster said:
Maybe you should watch it then? I don't miss it because I regularly watch it.

Same. Recently bought entire series including the movies on Google Play. They're often in the background--and they're on TV all the time, too. New episodes would be nice but the series ended in a good place.  Can't ask for much more than that.

Twitter: @d21lewis

No, you're not the only one. It was hilarious AND insightful.

Rewatching some favorite episodes currently and occasionally on Amazon Prime (recently "Amazon women in the mood").
I don‘t want Futurama back as they went out of ideas in the end imo.

I like The Simpons overall a bit more though (the first 10 to 15 seasons) and Archer as well.

Those three are my most favorite animation shows, Archer is my new number one.