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Forums - Music Discussion - David Wise or Grant Kirkhope?


I think the best is...

David Wise 11 78.57%
Grant Kirkhope 3 21.43%

David Wise used delay on the SNES, which wasn't even hardware supported by the SNES. Tropical Freeze OST plays in a whole new dimension from a composition and interactive music point of view. Many tracks of the Tropical Freeze soundtrack have up to 10 different versions for different locations of a level. This is insane. Mediocre games like Tamarin or Star Ghost were massively enhanced by the soundtrack of Wise.

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I'm gonna have to go with David as well, mostly for how incredible his work on the Donkey Kong Country games is, but Kirkhope is no slouch in my opinion, his score for Banjo Kazooie for example is still a favourite of mine.

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