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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Report- Level-5 has shutdown their North American division, one source reports that they will no longer release games in the west

Goodbye Inazuma Eleven, Professor Layton, Yokai Watch, Ni No Kuni.....

Thats pretty bad news imo (Ni No Kuni & Yokai Watch were pretty darn good, even those Professor Layton games weren't bad).

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Stellar_Fungk said:
This is ridiculous! What has flown into the heads of Level 5? Can’t believe these people are the creators of DQ8, Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy. This is depressing 😠

They have the talent to make great games.
It has to be a management/marketing issue, if the quality of their work is fine (which imo it is).

Makes you wonder why they didnt do another Dark Cloud or Rogue Galaxy, when hardcore fans have been begging for new titles since forever.

Some may not realize it. Level-5 was more than games. They wanted to be a Toy Company and multimedia company and they were kinda struggling with it for a while. So yeah as someone said. Mismanagement. The same Level-5 that decided to merge with Comcept then do nothing after. Same Comcept is known for it's piss poor business decisions aroung Mighty No 9 and Red Ash.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I guess they"ll be looking for publishers for western releases

How can their financials be this bad with the success of Yokai?

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Bad news. Whatever will happen to Ni No Kuni 3? They said last year its in the works, does it mean it will not release in the west?
This is a bad way to start the week.

Level 5 and Microsoft have had a bad relationship ever since the True Fantasy Online cancellation. Their CEO would be the first to tell anyone that as well. People are dreaming if they think Level 5 would “allow” MS to buy them. Sony and Nintendo have a way higher chance of acquiring them and a better relationship as well considering the companies past exclusives. This isn’t a Todd Howard relationship we’re talking about and Phil would have to spend a lot of air fuel just to get one of their old games on Gamepass.

That’s too bad, also seems silly. Surely the cost of localizing is worth breaking into the much larger markets. I understand that their games cater to a Japanese audience, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an audience outside of Japan.

Imagine if Microsoft acquires Level 5.
That’d be an insane addition to an already diverse first party portfolio 😊.
I’d turn into a weeabot and start liking games like No No Kuni

Level 5 has always had a tendency to burn out their properties too soon. They have been all for quick and big profits over more stable strategies, and now we see this happen after not getting a big hit in a while. Shame, but not surprising.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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