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Forums - Sony Discussion - Marvel's Spider-Man Remaster (PS5) New Trailer / Gameplay / Pictures

Thoughts? Like the new Peter Parker change? (left OG/right remaster)

Last edited by hinch - on 30 September 2020

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No sir. I don't like it.

Hmm.. i prefer the original model since he seemed unique and i’ve spent over 80 hours with him playing the original PS4 release.


Responding to your question in the locked thread, the individual graphics look considerably better in the Remaster, but it also seems to have been captured at a slightly lower res (and YT compression is the pits). About all the differences I can really make of it. Lighting and assets (again, outside of the expected poly/quad bump) seem to have been carried over.


Same scene on PS4 version if anyone interested. To my eyes this definitely looks like a big step up in the cut scenes. The character models especially. How this translates into in-game, we will have to see. They've only shown the performance mode and not the high fidelity one.

I didn't complete the first game on PS4, so this will be a chance to play it in 4K in all its glory and raytracing :o

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Looks much better and cleaner. Also like how Peter looks more like Holland.

Yikes, that is one ugly character model. Dunno if it's the Uncanny Valley effect, but it just looks so creepily fake and synthetic and wrong.

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It looks much better than the ps4 version for sure.

Looks really good. Not gonna play it since I just recently finished the PS4 version, but the graphical upgrade is clearly visible.

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