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GOTY 2k20?

The Last of Us Part II 30 24.19%
Final Fantasy VII Remake 19 15.32%
Ghost of Tsushima 9 7.26%
Animal Crossing: New Horizons 28 22.58%
Doom Eternal 5 4.03%
Half-life: Alyx 5 4.03%
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3 2.42%
Ori and the Will of the Wisps 11 8.87%
Hades 5 4.03%
Other 9 7.26%

Though i don't care about GOTY, i would say Half Life Alyx based on its extremely positive critic and user reviews. Its also innovative. Majority of the games on this list are not innovative and have mixed reviews between critic and users.

However i think Animal Crossing will take the cake based on the fact it was a game that released at the perfect time in one of the worlds modern worst periods. It was a perfect escape from the real world, it truly deserves it on that front alone.

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I haven't play Animal crossings, and don't have a PC VR headset, so no Alyx either.

FS 2020 is far too buggy to deserve GOTY, so Tlou2 it is for me.

Animal Crossing for me for sure. I don't think I've missed a single day of playing. This is definitely the most time I've dedicated to an Animal Crossing game and I have no regrets. Fall update is just around the corner, too! Without a doubt I will certainly continue my playthrough of this game until we get to March 19th of next year. And hopefully they announce a crazy update that allows me to super-expand my house and get into tons more debt with Tom Nook.

Paper Mario: The Origami King, a pleasant surprise that it turned out to be my favorite of the Paper series, one of Mario's best games for sure.

I was interested in exactly zero games this year. So I guess GotY so far is.. Super Mario 64. Considering new games I suppose Hyrule Warriors will be GotY by default.

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mZuzek said:
I've only played two games released this year, I think. Pretty easy choice between them.

By the way, those two are Animal Crossing and Ori. The easy choice for me is Ori, much unlike the poll results.

Demon's Souls Remake will take Goty 2020.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons by a considerable margin. Really the only other 2020 release I've played so far that's worth mentioning as a runner-up is Ghost of Tsushima.

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For me, the order among those I played goes like this:

1- Final Fantasy VII Remake
2- Ori and the Will of the Wisps
3- Ghost of Tsushima
4-  The Last of Us Part 2
5- Trials of Mana
6- Streets of Rage 4
7- Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
8- Dreams

I’m probably forgetting something...

For the games I've played this year, it'd normally be Xenoblade Chronicles DE (still a remake btw), but it doesn't count in some people eyes so I'll just go with Paper Mario Origami King ... Unless Age of Calamity manage to surpass everyone's expectations which might happen after the showcase at TGS.

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