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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Genshin Impact has launched

Chazore said:

Well this definitely puts a damper on me ever getting around to playing it:

Yeah, I get that's a F2P game and all that jazz, but drop rates shouldn't be this criminally low, this is why I'm always cautious about F2P games, because underneath there's always going to be a heavy chance of insane grinding or stuff locked out of your reach (which would basically get you wanting to pay up).

Yeah that does put a bit of a damper on things. Didnt get around to playing it yet but ill see how much of an impact this has on the game.

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Impressive world and visuals but I really don't like controls in this game

I was going to get it until I found out it was F2P nonsense. A shame, too. I have rules and I won't break them for a lacklustre Breath of the Wild clone. (I know it's not quite that but it's close enough and the F2P elements ruined it for me.)

I'm pleasantly surprised by this game. I downloaded it on my new laptop and am really enjoying the art style, the smooth feel to it, the voice acting, and the keyboard controls! Story has me interested so far as well. Not sure if I'll have to spend money on this when its all said and done? If not, at this rate, this will possibly be the best quality free to play game I've ever played.

So is this a single player offline anime BOTW or some online digital only multiplayer online only anime botw?

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Looks like fun! Hope it's successful!

I got it on PC. It has some frame drops and a bit of lag in my system, but I can play it very well.

Never played BOTW, so I can't compare them. I'm still at the prologue, but I'm really loving everything so far. It's the kind of game I like.

Looks interesting. I'll try it out when it's on Steam.

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