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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Gotham Knights - Trailer & gameplay video

The gameplay looks interesting to me. Mainly the co-op aspect, but I'll have to see more.
Seemingly no info yet on exactly what kind oi game this will be. (Rpg damage numbers was surprising.) Hopefully it won't be a live service type of game.


It looks to be confirmed to launch on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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All in for Nightwing. Didn't expect to see much of the game, but from what was shown.. good stuff. Hyped!

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It looks to be confirmed to launch on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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So they're following up on the Arkham Knight ending? I'm surprised. Wonder how they'll return it back to status quo
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My pee pee! So hard!!

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Finally! It's been so long since we had a true batman game!


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Lol, this is funny. I have been waiting a long time for this game, wanting another Batman game. But Batman is dead in this game :)

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Its pre-alpha so it looks abit rought around the edges, but you can tell theres alot of potential in this.
The 2nd video with Mr Freeze, boss battle.... yes. Thats what sold it, for me.

Some of the combat on the way up, however didnt look all that great.
However give it a year or two, and I'm sure it ll look alot better.

Bike animations looked.... pretty meh,
Is it called a "cat-walk" when the bike goes on the back wheel and the front one goes in the air and you ride on, 1 wheel?
Anyways that looked all kinda wrong, with the bike she was on. It didnt look right on the road either.

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Yeah Batman is dead.... of course.

Because the ending of Arkham Knight didn't look staged at all.
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Game looks pretty good. I like that we get a choice between 4 characters, though I'm somewhat worried about the RPG like progression system with enemy levels and such, they could make the leveling quite grindy to try and force people to buy time saver style microtransactions. Hopefully WB Interactive learned their lesson about time saver microtransactions in singleplayer games after the massive backlash they got on Shadow of War for using those.