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Forums - Sports Discussion - The NFL Thread 2020: Tampa Bay Buccaneers win Super Bowl LV

Chris Hu said:

4-0 with my divisional the only team I was worried about not winning was the Buccaneers. I guess I shouldn't have been since the Saints really weren't that impressive against the Bears last week.

If I wasn't such a homer this week I would have also been 4-0.

I hope you weren't my opponent... why do I have a weird feeling you were my opponent!

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Castor: Packers by 6
Ravens by 10
Chiefs by 17
Saints by 14

Rol:Packers by 8
Bills by 3
Chiefs by 14
Saints by 10

Prediction league update will come within the next 10 hours.

I'd rather have had the Saints in the NFC Championship Game because Brees is at the end of his career, so it would have been first and foremost about stopping Kamara. But either way, the Packers were always going to have to earn it, so there was no easy option anyway.

Hosting the Bucs gives the Pack the opportunity to make up for those final three quarters in the regular season meeting where everything had gone off the rails for them.

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ANNOUNCEMENT - Playoffs, Bracket Predictions

View the spreadsheet with all collected data here. Check your own statlines and let me know if there are any mistakes.

Here are the results of our playoffs, followed by short notes on each matchup:

12noname22002-2/34vs.3-1/0 (39)Shaunodon139
9hatmoza3-1/34vs.4-0/10 (28)Chris Hu218
8sethnintendo3-1/40vs.2-2/30 (38)Angelus38
7RolStoppable3-1/46vs.2-2/65 (68)castor63

1. noname2200 would have needed a 4-0 record to advance because Shaunodon's HFA got his PDT down to 0, the best possible value.

2. hatmoza had the second-best set of predictions this past weekend, but he had the misfortune of being matched up against the only player who went 4-0.

3. + 4. There wasn't a single matchup that required a tie-breaker. Everything was decided based on record alone.

Conference Championships

Here are our semifinals. With only two NFL games to be played, the HFA formula gets a /2 modifier, so these values are now relatively low for the higher seeds.

7RolStoppablevs.Chris Hu27

Procedure is the same as in previous weeks. Chris Hu and I will send our predictions to noname2200.

Bracket Predictions Update

Another few points have been distributed, making the latest standings look like this:

1Chris Hu4822*210104--

As mentioned last week, Chris Hu has won this contest already.

hatmoza can finish in second place with either a KC Super Bowl win or an elimination of TB in the NFC Championship Game. My chances for second place rest on GB winning the Super Bowl. Shaunodon maintains second place if none of the aforementioned scenarios come true. Worst case scenario for the three players involved here is fourth place.

PAOerfulone can at best remain in fifth place which will happen if KC doesn't win the Super Bowl. Otherwise Angelus gains a spot in the final standings.

sethnintendo requires a KC Super Bowl win to move into seventh place. Farsala has already locked a finish with exactly 35 points.

Rank 9-11 are locked. castor is the only one of the three who can still gain 2 points, but since he is dependent on KC just like sethnintendo, it's not possible to gain a spot anymore.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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Patrick Mahomes has just been cleared to play against the Bills in the AFC Championship game this Sunday.

With Mahomes playing, I don’t see how the Chiefs are losing. I think they’re going to make it Back-to-Back.

The Bucs and Packers is a much tougher call. The Bucs destroyed the Packers when they played in Tampa.
But this ain’t Tampa, this is Green Bay, and if there’s one place where Home Field Advantage can really make a difference it’s Lambeau Field.

Timothy Olyphant is looking old.

Well, this got out of hand very quickly for the Packers.

If you want an update on the game, tune into the Tom Grossi stream.

(Didn't realise this was the 1000th post. Yay. Also, what a game!)

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