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gergroy said:
Dulfite said:
This may become a thread I bookmark to visit years from now haha. A three way battle between people having unrealistic expectations for Nintendo, people arguing that those people are unintelligent, and others arguing with each other about whether or not this is a flame war going on, all accompanied by more perma bans per page than I've ever seen on a thread on this site.

I had to go back and look at this thread after I read this... but there weren’t any perma bans, just thread bans.. kinda disappointing...

As far as Nintendo’s or anybody’s return policy for digital stuff... I have basically accepted the fact you can’t return digital stuff.  Know what you are buying is my advice.  

I meant perma thread band, sorry for confusion.

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JWeinCom said:
COKTOE said:

Yes, and I always do more than make a cursory glance when purchasing, but the Online Compatibile lable that proceeds that page could give a customer the wrong impression.

Online compatibile, to most people, does not mean cloud saves. If one were having a casual conversation with a friend about a game, and the friend mentioned as part of the description that it was online compatibile, they would probably wouldn't think the friend meant it was capable of being patched to fix bugs and nothing else. In fact, if he did frame things in such a way, you may look at him funny. That's just expected. Industry standard. All games do it. Why would you even mention that it's "online compatibile" when it's online functionality is so inconsequential? Not unlike cloud saves. Why lable it like that at all? Keep it as part of the product description, but don't put it out front.  It doesn't seem to be the way MS does things. It certainly isn't this way with PS. I guess all my PS4 games are "online compatibile" by this standard.

Speaking of which, and just as an aside, I find it amusing that this filter produces results that total 3696 games, which is basically the entire Switch library. So why even bother with the distinction?

"Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy ( &"

That's from the PS4 store's page for FFVII Remake. So, yeah, it's kind of like that.

If you use the online enabled filter, it does say 3,696 results, which should have been a red flag that not every game in that list meant online multiplayer. If you click on New Super Mario Bros, which you would have to do if you wanted to buy the game through the website, you will see a very clearly labeled box on the bottom of the screen which has, in red and white so it stands on, the particular online features. This isn't really "putting it out front".

On the Switch e-shop itself (at least the US version) there is a section specifically for online multiplayer games, which does not include NSMBU. And the e-shop page makes no mention of online features except for cloud backup.

The website may be poorly designed in that aspect, but if the OP's account is accurate, then he chose the most bizarre way possible to check if the game had multiplayer, and even then scrolling down on the page would have solved the problem. Nothing Nintendo's doing here is deceptive.

Yeah, it was 6AM. Not waking up 6AM, but still awake 6AM. And some other things I won't mention in case there are children reading. *cough. It's on me for not seeing what's there, and for giving, apparently, too much credit to a few posts in this thread far as their accuracy is concerned. There IS a bigger "ONLINE" icon right above the Cloud Saves icon, and I still find the classification of a game that supports server backup saves, and nothing else, as "Online", to be ridiculous, but yes, the relevant information as to what Nintendo considers to be an online game is on display, an inch away from the Online icon. 

Just to be thorough, I visited the eShop, and started from scratch in searching for NSMB-U, and the OP did take an...interesting trip to get to his destination. I saw all the different game sections, including the one for online multiplayer.

As for the comparison to how games are promoted on PSN vs eShop? No, it's different. Terms of service appear on the eShop page as well. There's no big icon like the one on the eShop page ( literally the biggest icon on the page no less ) promoting FFVII as "online". Ultimately, I cannot disagree with the larger point you're making, so I'll mark you down for another score on the big board.

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brendude13 said:
Locknuts said:
Yeah man Nintendo are brutal. Don't ever buy digital from them unless it's only a few dollars. Sony is the same from my experience. The Sony guy laughed at me though, at least Nintendo have never done that.

So never buy digital from them.

Nah I got Duke Nukem Anniversary for around $6.00 on the eshop. First party games are obviously cartridge only for me.

Hope you find a way to make this a class suit and make Nintendo change their ways.

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AkimboCurly said:

How to get a refund


1. Make a regular refund request.

2. Be rejected and be told something like "no refunds once activated".

3. Push a bit more and you'll be told more specifically that there are no refunds except in cases where the game is faulty.

4. Claim that the game is faulty (doesn't matter what you say, it's not her job to decide):


5. Be referred from the Nintendo Store to the Nintendo eShop. These are the guys (?) that make the decision, so don't be an arsehole in this next email. I didn't hear back from them for 3 days, and still haven't. They aren't the sociable types it seems. I don't think they get emails very often. 

6. Wait. Relax. Vent on an online forum. Don't launch the game. Make sure it stays at 3 mins or however long you had it running for before you realised it wasn't what you wanted.

7. Notice that the game has been removed from the "redownload" section of the switch eShop. Contact the store again (who actually have a customer support team) to confirm that your refund is ready. 

I can't comment as to whether it's possible to go straight to the email. The Nintendo Store is the party which issues the refund, but the eShop is the party which takes the decision of whether to issue it or not in light of the one valid reason - "faultiness". 

Some other things I did which I don't think were effective at all:


1. Opened a ticket to return the console and a second ticket to have some incredibly minor stick drift repaired. I was gonna have fun fixing it myself, but not anymore while its still under warranty.

2. Phoned the corporate parent of the UK store - the European store. I had a lovely chat with a Rasmus and an Astrid. They answered in Danish but spoke incredible English too. The guy even said "it sucks, man", and that although he gets some games free from the company, he couldn't get a refund for Wolfenstein New Collossus even though it ran hot and blurry. They had the authority to access my case but were still bound by the same T&C's and the same awful returns policy. 

3. Phoning the US store. Apart from some nice complements about my "British" (smh) accent, she was actually quite rude. She did say however, that they don't offer refunds because "people are trying to get free games", "confused parents wanting free games". She also went on a bizarre tirade about parenting. Very strange. 

4. Leaving a bad review for NSMBUD. "0 stars, no multiplayer at all with Switch lite" (Don't worry, I've removed it now). 

All the things you did wow , that's what I call perseverance. 

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woah...that deescalated quickly.

Congrats on the the breakthrough.

Regarding online co-op games, as many have said, Nintendo isn't necesarily the king in this realm. Best advice for that is to do a google search and seek out the gems. But I think there are plenty of ways to engage with another person in asynchronous multiplayer. Playing through levels at the same exact time, for instance, and seeing who gets through faster. Or setting a goal for collecting certain items, etc. When two people love each other and enjoy spending time together, almost anything can become very fun when played together, even distantly and without being on the same screen at the same time. Get creative and make something your own. :)

What an epic thread. So many emotions flying around. I'm glad you succeeded. All the best. Thanks for pointing out an important issue

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What a plot twist

Nice guide. I'll save for the future if I ever need

AkimboCurly said:

Please see the previous edit underneath this post to see the original post, with story and context and a great platter of controversy. 

After probably about 6 cumulative hours complaining to various representatives from UK, US, and for some reason Danish (?) Nintendo support, I have pulled off the impossible. I have managed to get a refund from Nintendo for a digital purchase. 

Please read the previous edits if you're interested in why I wanted a refund, otherwise continue here. This will hopefully serve as a guide to help the good people here do the same if ever they should feel the need to. I also hope the discussion we've started about consumer-friendly returns policy can develop a bit more here in light of this. 

It took a long while, but in 3-5 business days i'll have the money back and i'll send it straight back for some online Mario Kart goodness. Feel very free to recommend alternatives but they *must* be playable online. I have a few scars with respect to my perception of Nintendo. I know that many people would have given up long before they got what they deserved, and the time we could have spent playing was instead wasted phoning an employee called Rasmus. Some of the most egregious practises, like not being able to cancel preorders, need to be gone and buried, and here's hoping that all platforms reach the standard that Steam, Epic Games and Win Store/Xbox set. 

So there you have it. The Gold standard is here: 

You can even get a refund there to benefit from a sale or if the game becomes free. 

True Nintendo (and Sony) need to get their asses in gear, but did you know Origin and GOG have better refund policies than everyone else?

OP is the hero who persevered in dark times of oppression