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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Battletoads coming August 20th. Amazing release trailer found inside

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Also coming to Steam. Who knows what the final game quality will end up being, but what a great trailer. Love the mixing of different genres and the over the top morphing of characters and animations. That was one of my favorite parts of the NES original, giant fists and boots and horns. Least favorite part?

Also for your listening pleasure during your workout or runs or bikes, here's ten hours of amazing pause music:

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Nope. Still looks like hot garbage. Pass!

Great trailer, i am glad they didn't cancel the game. They kept that modern day cartoon vibe and honestly i am a little impress on how they showed it. Almost looks like an actual Battletoad cartoon. Be adding this to my collection.

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The gameplay looks faster then what was originaly show. Good variety of stages and mechanics. Looks fun.

while i'm still not really a fan of the new art style, if the gameplay is fun enough which it definitely looks like it has the potential to be then it should still be a good time, i'm just glad battletoads is back in any capacity at least 

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looks fun, time to plug my Xbox One S back in.

Art style aside , it looks like a lot of fun. The real issue is no online co-op (never thought this would be an issue with a 1st party Xbox game).

considering it is launching so soon it is strange that it wasn't on the July event, perhaps it will be in the August one. Perhaps one of those "and releasing today" moments.

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Still looks like a trashy flash game from newgrounds to me. But graphics aren't everything, It might be fun. If the game will be included with gamepass I'll give it a try.

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2D platforming levels? entire levels? like mario.... in Battletoads?
also whats with the bullet hell stuff? battletoads never used to be like that.