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Forums - Sony Discussion - PlayStation 5 US Amazon place holder is live! Who plans to grab one?

Price and pre order is rumored to be within reach. Assuming it is happens this week with a price in between $499 - $599 ...

Will anybody be trying to get one?

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Fuck yes. Assuming the pre-order doesn't go live when I am asleep, it won't matter what the price is, I am gonna tap that button faster than I tap my whores. Cause with most places like amazon, you don't need to put any money down and you can always cancel so there's little reason not to...


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Dont think I will pre-order it. If I have to wait a bit after launch, thats fine.

Scalpers, on your marks...

Doesn't give me any pre-order.

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KLAMarine said:
Scalpers, on your marks...

Yup. I just hate the thought of it...

I might be tempted to buy it to re-sell (haters gonna hate), but beyond that I don't see a need to have one right away.

I'm definitely waiting for a bit in case it has any issues with build quality. Unlikely, but you never know....

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No, I'm good for now.

Nah, launch consoles typically have the worst build quality, very few games and are most expensive. It's more reasonable to just wait a year or two and get a better console for less money without any stress.

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