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Best Looking Xbox Console (Design)

Original Xbox 1 2.50%
Xbox 360 3 7.50%
Xbox 360 Slim 8 20.00%
Xbox 360 E 3 7.50%
Xbox One 1 2.50%
Xbox One S 10 25.00%
Xbox One X 12 30.00%
Xbox Series X 2 5.00%

Probably the One S then One X then Series X


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Launch Xbox 360 and the Xbox 360 slime (matte black) are tied for me. Great looking consoles. Sleek and unique and still look like a console. Everything else MS made was hideous. XBO went from VCR to phat PS2 and both are hideous. OG Xbox is the Borg Ship and it's ugly but I kinda like it in a way. Still 360 launch and Slim are the best and IMO some of the best ever.

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Voted for One X. Even though it was a close call between One X, One S and 360 S. These all look pretty good.


I love the thiccness, it's OG Xbox followup XSX.

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360 slim because it has a nice waistline



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It's between the 360 Slim or the One S for me. The only one I really don't like is the first Xbox.

I actually like the look of the Series X, but I feel the OG 360 was their best LOOKING console.

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Xbox One S by far. Then X, followed by Series X. The rest look quite gaudy (especially OG and 360) which hasn't aged very well.

My Xbox consoles... I think the Crystal OG Xbox looks the best, but a big nod towards the Halo 4 edition Xbox 360.
The Xbox One X looks very plain, boring and black by comparison.

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One S and One X are the same but I like the colors of the S. Really beautiful console.