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Forums - Sales Discussion - How many copies will the Nintendo Switch sell for?


How many the Switch will sale ?

150M or + 4 15.38%
140M or + 1 3.85%
130M or + 5 19.23%
120M or + 4 15.38%
110M or + 5 19.23%
100M or + 4 15.38%
90M 3 11.54%

It will sell 130M to me

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Originally not too long ago I was expecting between 110-120M, around Gameboy numbers. However, once I realized that for the first 2 months of 2020 that the Switch was slightly down in sales YoY in the U.S, it kept my expectations in check making me realize that the Switch's peak year might've been 2019 and that demand had the possibility to slow in 2020 if it weren't for Covid. So imma do a safer bet between 100M-110M

I think more because there is a lot of stores in US who don't have the Switch bc of the COVID

This is an impossible question to answer without having some idea of when it will be replaced.

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I'm gonna be realistic and say 90 million. I hope for more though.

For me its really hard to predict the lifetimes sales of the Switch.
It really depends on the consumer behaviuor during the pandemic and the overall outlast of the covid19.
I will go with 100m plus, but nor more than 110m.

90M is impossible because the Switch is at 60M units sold , and the demand grow up

To me 120M-130M

Check out the link in my signature.  I made the prediction at the beginning of 2018, and my prediction hasn't changed since.