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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Last generation for physical copies? Capcom: Game sales are 80% digital, and rising

Game application sizes are getting bigger and bigger, digital sales are rising, so yeah. I say PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch 2 (or whatever it's called, and it's debatable whether it will be 9th or 10th gen) will be the last of physical video games.
Obscure video game platforms both upcoming and in the past have pretty much already ditched physical media. Ouya was digital only, Atari VCS will be digital only, Intellivsion Amico will only have limited physical games. And there's also a few all-digital versions of mainstream video game platforms.
If PS6 and Xbox 5 (whatever) were going to release in 2025, I'd say there's a modest chance of physical games continuing. But since they probably won't release until 2026 or 2027, that's just more time for digital games to dominate.
If physical games still came with cool manuals and had the entire game (or vast majority of it) on the disc, I'd mourn their loss more. But the line between physical and digital is blurring, and it will come to a head.
Final thought. I could see the PS6, Xbox 5, and Switch 3 still having some games in physical boxes with a download code inside (so PC and some Switch games). But discs and cartridges will be dead by then for video games.

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SvennoJ said:
Just as it's the last generation for records!

That'll probably take a long time. CD players don't get outdated, and boomers don't know how to add digital music to their playlist.

Inevitable. I will be buying all of PS5 games digitally (though I will buy the console with a disk drive).

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I'm curious to know what the digital/physical percentage for only Capcom's new games are for this gen.

I feel like 90% of the games Capcom release this gen were just re-releases of their older games and I can definitely see people picking them up digitally when they're cheaper. With that in mind, I also dont find many people buying physical versions of a game they've bought before on previous gens. I know a good amount of people that re-bought RE4 on PSN for $5, and also a good number of their games had short physical prints ie. Okami, Onimusha etc.

Digital games definitely has its place in the market without a doubt, but I feel like Capcom themselves hasn't really played fairly in the physical vs digital market which is why it's no surprise that 80% of its sales were digital.

And if they're also including DLC I can only imagine the few people that picked up physical copies of Street Fighter V/limited prints of the Arcade/Championship Editions are for the small collectors. They swarm PSN/XBL with a million DLC to the point where it's more pointless to pick up the physical copies because when they released physical it was already out of date the moment you unwrapped it.

Hiku said:
SvennoJ said:
Just as it's the last generation for records!

That'll probably take a long time. CD players don't get outdated, and boomers don't know how to add digital music to their playlist.

I don't know how to find anything anymore in my libraries of digital games, it's a mess: Steam, Gog, Origin, MS store, Humble bundles, PSN library, standalone digital games. I can find any physical game around the house in 10 seconds...

Physical editions will continue to exist but move more towards special editions bringing back the extras. The question is will game stores be able to survive much longer and where am I going to get my console and games from when they disappear. I guess games are fine to order online but consoles :/

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I've been hearing this for a while now, since last gen and I dont know. It does seem like the natural progression of console gaming so I dont feel educated enough to contest that, however, theres this: Where im from, digital games are more expensive than physical games. As of now if I want to buy Breath of the Wild in the Nintendo Online store it costs $60 plus a local tax, so its about $65. I can buy that game physically for $45 brand new. Its not tha different with playstation online prices, tho they usually have more sales. But all in all, thats what worries me.

All Digital except collecters editions next gen

SammyGiireal said:
Digital has been trending higher percentages steadily throughout the generation, but COVID-19 is what has accelerated the growth. I prefer physical, (though on Xbox One X the advantages in storage are negated by the massive 4k downloads) for storage, and collectible purposes. But since COVID-19 I have been buying digital save for once that I had to go to Walmart and saw a copy of Gears of War 4 with (the 360 games for free) included on sale for 15 dollars. Still the Xbox One X Download Even with the disc is like 118gb much for that.

Just imagine what next gen will be like... and with ssd... very expensive to upgrade your storage...

I have stuck to physical as much as possible for collector and resale reasons. But happily augment that with the occasional digital release... But I am probably an exception, not the rule.

On PC I am 100% digital.

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And they still want to raise the price of the games while delivering less product. The nerve.
The day they go full digital is the day I'll only buy their games for under 10 USD or perhaps 5.

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