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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Phil Spencer Says Xbox Series X Games Aren't Being Held Back By Xbox One

sales2099 said:
eva01beserk said:

I never claim to have anything of games that are not released. I claimed that we have had many games already that MS overhyped and showed crazzy cg trailers like halo did for them to look like a 360 game. Could thouse games shown actually deliver? They definetly can, but history says MS has disapointed more times than actually meet expectations.

Ugh, sucks that people like you won’t be convinced until the meta score is there for all to see. 

At least we can in theory agree that the Halo Gears Forza and mid gen drought narratives are a thing of the past. CG or not Xbox has multiple unique AAA games in development along with smaller ones. If all we got to do is wait one game at a time, so be it. 

Let’s see how Flight SIM and Wasteland 3 do in August. There, 2 tangible games out in the very near future from XGS. 

I can definetly agree to that. Smaller games is sure better than no games. Thats definetly one big improvement they made over the last couple of gens.

Please, meta means nothing. Im here hating the last of us 2 and i dont care what the meta says or thats even an exclusive on my prefer console. Do better please. Im willing to critizies my team when they screw up.

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eva01beserk said:
DonFerrari said:
After watching the MS show, the only games that seemed remotely impressive weren't crossgen (showed as Xbox Series X and PC, no mention of One on the end), so seems like Phill isn't right and for god's sake Goopy may been wrong and the Xbox One didn't hold crossgen down for XSX, but well none looked great.

You might need to clarify. Did you mean goopy was wrong because all the games look bad, not just the crosgen ones?

Because aside from medium if I'm not mistaken was the only xsx only game that was technically demanding. Any other game was just a cg trailer so we know nothing yet.

I dont know, halo was the main topic of discussion on this thread. I think a lot of people owe goopy an apologie after that infinite showcase. 

Goopy wasn't wrong, the games that looked better were the ones that didn't had a Xbox One version, cgi trailer or not.

And PS5 games looked better basically for most games even if weaker.

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goopy20 said:
sales2099 said:

To be clear their launch lineup have more of a IP draw not a tech one. People would upgrade to play the next Spiderman game, not because it’s only possible on PS5 from a design standpoint.  There is a high chance it’s only possible because Sony limited it for business reasons, assuming this game is a standalone expansion that uses assets from the base game on PS4, which explains the short turnaround of 2 years. 

You are blatantly using a double standard. Halo Infinite “bad” because it’s cross gen but a cross gen Spiderman expansion “good” because why, Sony swept the totally doable PS4 port under the rug to create next gen demand? That’s what makes it ok...the lack of a formal official PS4 version???

Same goes for the others. Again Sackboy, Destruction Derby and GT7. You can’t cherry pick the true next gen games but dismiss the possibility Xbox will announce games that fall outside the cross gen window. Sony is not what you are painting them as where every game is 100% not possible on last gen. 

How are you so certain the Spider Man game will be perfectly doable on ps4? We haven't even seen any gameplay yet lol. All we know is that it's not a full blown sequel but more of a stand alone type of game similar in scope to Uncharted Lost Legacy. Also... "There been major enhancements to the game and the game engine, obviously deploying some of the major PlayStation 5 technology and features.”

My problem isn't that Halo Infinite is cross-gen. The game has been in development even before the X1X was announced. My problem is that they are purposely not releasing any Series X exclusives for the first 2 years. Not because those games are still being worked on and just aren't ready, but because its part of their whole strategy. You think they will flip a switch after the 2 years period and poof, on exactly that date we will see those Series X exclusives? There's a reason why they are doing what they are doing, you know.

As it turns out, Sony‘s and Microsoft‘s strategies aren‘t that different.

Miles Morales and even Horizon Zero Dawn 2 are cross-gen. So which announced PS5 games for the first 24 months are „true nextgen games, built from ground up for PS5, not possible on 8th gen“?

Oh my... I had a feeling a thread like this would pop back up sooner or later.